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Saroj Katiyar IW Association Prez(2021-22) pledges for “Woman First” Theme with main focus to encourage and empower Woman Entrepreneurs

Saroj Katiyar IW Association Prez(2021-22) pledges for “Woman First” Theme  with main focus to encourage and empower Woman Entrepreneurs

Saroj Katiyar with Inner Wheel Team.

Hello Mumbai News  Inner wheel News Desk :

Women Social  entrepreneurs and business are leaving their mark on the world. By creating successful companies, they are contributing to the betterment of the economy. Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
India   has produced a number of women entrepreneurs in Social field in the recent decades. They have ventured into various domains and widened their arena into many healthcare,  branding, Social services,  etc. Maharashtra  notably has the highest number of women entrepreneurs in India.

In our Inner wheel Social entrepreneur series in this very Special episode we are introducing you a very dynamic ,Well known face of Inner wheel  and popular social Entrepreneur who firmly believes in Social service and charity work she spent more than a decade in Social service  yes we are talking about Saroj Katiyar Inner Association President of 2021-22.

Hello Mumbai News Editor-In-Chief Aleem Shaikh was privileged to catch up with
Saroj Katiyar, President, Inner Wheel Association for the Year 2021-22 for an exclusive interview.

While in conversation with Hello Mumbai News she revealed
that Inner Wheel Member’s numbers remarkably increased.

She further added her vision and future plan of action towards the Inner Wheel Association.

Hello Mumbai News: Please share your reaction and feeling on being the President of a big Social Organisation the Inner Wheel  Association.
Saroj Katiyar : International Inner Wheel Organization is one of the largest voluntary women’s organizations in the world, spread in 99 countries with over a lakh members. Getting elected as President of this Association to lead is a proud, prestigious and challenging feeling with a great sense of responsibility to match up the level of past position holders and to live up to the expectations of 46000 plus women members from varied cultures and background and to do the best for the association and hence for the society.

Hello Mumbai News  : What will be your priority in the growth of your Association?
Saroja Katiyar : My Priorities this year,
In accordance to this years’ theme ‘Women First’ my main Focus is to Encourage and Empower women entrepreneurs and for this we are creating a special platform and developing a mobile friendly app through which they can interact and network helping them to grow their venture. Any women with a startup and looking for expansion can join Inner Wheel and get herself enrolled in this app for free and reach to over 45,000 plus women in India to promote their business. This will not only create a brand image of our organisation but also motivate women and girls to join Inner Wheel. Growth of the organisation and growth of members is my priority.

Successful execution of Triennial Conference :
16th Triennial Conference “ENVISION 2K22-Think, Implement, Achieve” to be held in Varanasi on 11th-13th Feb 2022 to understand, plan and pass proposals in the business session along with workshops and interactive sessions for betterment of the Association.

Hello Mumbai News : Please elaborate the type of challenges and difficulties you encountered amid this tough Covid-19 pandemic time.
Saroj Katiyar : When you have spark to do something for the people the difficulty converts into opportunity. In this pandemic, though we were not able to meet physically but we expanded our reach online and connected ladies across the world with social media. The efforts of our members are commendable who showed extra ordinary courage by going into fields and doing impactable social projects helping the frontline workers and needy. I am proud to share that many of our members became pro in technology and found numerous ideas to serve the society through a virtual medium.
Where there is a will, there is a way!!

  • Hello Mumbai News : In 2020-21 the main project of IW was “Lead the Change and Hope” What will be the New Campaign this year.
    Saroj Katiyar : In 2021-22 the International Theme is “Pink First” ie Women must lead in every sector whether it’s social, financial or political. The UN 2030 Agenda clearly states that gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls is the catalyst for the achievement of all sustainable development goals. The Under Secretary General and UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo Ngcuka declared that “One half is an equal share and only equal is enough”. Women helping women, then, is the orientation of IIW’s Presidential Theme 2021-2022 “PINK FIRST”.
    Goals under taken this year by the Association is SHEROES
    S exemplifies – Stree Shakti –Build–Motivate–Grow, helping and strengthening women entrepreneurs, making them self-reliant and financially independent in accordance to the International Inner Wheel social project for coming three years -Strong Women Stronger
    H – Health and Hygiene awareness programs for women and adolescent girls.
    E – Earth care- Save the planet by planting trees, usage of solar energy, saying no to plastic and shifting to biodegradables.
    R – Making ‘The 16th Triennial Conference ENVISION 2K22 – a Huge Success
    O – Oath for adopting orphanages and old age homes-Mission-Compassion-Care for all.
    E – Eradicating the social evils – Launching a School Health program to save the Youth of tomorrow from The Hazards of Tobacco and Drugs.
    E – Education – opening E- Learning centres and workshops.
    S – Spreading the Wings of Inner Wheel – making Inner Wheel a household name, synonym for Service and Friendship.
    Hello Mumbai News : Could you please share the Lockdown experience and

    File picture of Saroj Katiyar.

    what you learnt from it.
    Saroj Katiyar :Technology is need of the hour and everyone must learn to be technology friendly and tech savvy.
    This pandemic has taught us to nurture our mother earth. Small efforts on our part like reduce, repair and recycle, conserve water it is precious, switch to renewable solar power, give composting a try, say no to plastic bags will go a long way in saving our planet.
    Togetherness: Importance of our loved ones and family ties.
    Health is Wealth- Usage of masks, sanitizers and cleanliness a must.

Hello Mumbai News : How has the Pandemic and lockdown impact on Membership of IW, any increase in membership or decrease?
Saroj Katiyar : In 2020-21 there has been a remarkable addition in the formation of new clubs and growth in membership.

Hello Mumbai News : How do you foresee your future planning and vision towards growth of the Association?
Saroj Katiyar :The role of the projects we have planned is  help, develop and implement educational, humanitarian, and vocational service that will bring change in the society. We have planned a line of action and projects for the priority mission of empowering women entrepreneurs. We will be undertaking significant result-oriented programs for green earth, tackling taboos like drug abuse, awakening young girls regarding menstrual hygiene, E-education for all and increasing visibility of Inner Wheel via media and collaborations with other organizations. I am confident that the Inner Wheel Organization will exceed all expectations in the Vision year 2021-22.
Days are not far when Inner Wheel will enter into the next league of the most dedicated, committed, change maker clubs of India.

Know your Association President Saroj Katiyar:

Born in the city of Nawabs, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, she received her early education at La Martiniere Girls College and has done M.A. (Honors) in Western History. Saroj is a social worker and an Entrepreneur. She is an Environment enthusiast with a keen interest in gardening, keeping the city-Clean and Green. Her name is synonym to the National flower (Lotus).
Saroj’s mantra says “We lift ourselves by lifting others”.
Her integrity, determination and passion towards Inner Wheel can be judged with the record breaking 40 per cent increment in the number of members during her tenure as President in the year 2008-09.
Thanks to her farsighted vision, she had started an initiative ‘Each One Teach One’ to enhance the schooling experience of underprivileged children over a decade ago, an idea that has become wisdom today.
She is vocal activist against consumption of tobacco and alcohol. To educate and guide the youth of the nation about the hazards of tobacco and smoking she has launched various long term tobacco control awareness campaigns engaging the youth in the city and covering 80% of the schools in Kanpur.
Accolades in her Account:
At Club Level:
Won 26 awards and par excellent Club President.
District Level:
As District Chairman -79 Happy Schools were inaugurated, 159 Toilet blocks constructed, 4500 women empowered through vocational training and skill development programmes.
As District Secretary: Awarded by all PDC’s for Outstanding Work.
As District Treasurer: Awarded by Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India.
Chartered thirteen new clubs in District as CGR, ESO and District Chairman.
Association Level: As Association Treasurer- recognized for flawless working and highly dedicated disposition of responsibility by Association President.
Participated thrice as Faculty at Incoming Chairman’s Institute.
Imparted training in orientation programs at Club and District Level at COTI.
She is highly active with various other organizations dedicated to social welfare.
As Saroj belongs to a family of Doctors she has voluntarily devoted her time to Free Medical Checkup Camps and Awareness Programs in the city to make India healthy.
Besides this Saroj is:
1. Director of ‘Prastuti Foundation’ a group for the Education of Girls.
2. Member of ‘Health Foundation.’
3. Member of ‘Floriculture Society.’
4. Member of ‘Asthma Welfare Society’.
5. Proprietor of ‘3C Pharmacy.’
She has been organizing fund raising events for the past six years to empower under privileged women by providing a Marketplace for their products and facilitating the creation of a strong commercial chain. The funds raised in these events are only consumed for service projects by clubs, a testament to the processes she put in place during her time as President.
Saroj embodies hard work, dedication and honesty. She has worked tirelessly towards women empowerment through entrepreneurship and conceptualized SUPER STREE in her year as District Chairman creating a platform for upcoming women led start-ups to grow, innovate and succeed. The initiative continues till present day.
She is adventurous, loves to travel and is a yoga enthusiast.
She is blessed with a loving family, husband Dr. S. K. Katiyar a pulmonologist and Ex Principal GSVM Medical College Kanpur, son Dr. Sandeep, a pulmonologist, daughter in law Tanushree, Phd. in Bio Engineering, daughter Swatee and son in law Anand both software engineers and two loving granddaughters, Saysha and Sarya.
Saroj believes, ‘Give to the world the best you have and the best shall come back to you.’
Presenting a Power pact lady to serve Inner Wheel with perseverance, commitment, energy and Love.



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