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SDP Women Achievers Award 2022 Successfully and virtually held online, 50 Top Achievers Honoured

SDP Women Achievers Award 2022 Successfully and virtually held online, 50 Top Achievers Honoured

SDP Women Achievers Award was conducted Virtually by IAWA (INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION organised by Amarcine Productions , Mumbai. 50 Top achievers from the world were chosen from 2000 entries.Chief Guest of the event was Dr Madhu Krishan Honourable Ambassador of United Nation and His excellency from The American University, Chandreshekhar Pusalkar and Mridula Pusalkar grandchildren of Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke. Daljeet Kaur President of Ngo IAWA an actress is behind organising such Awards even in Pandemic choosing Women through the world and bringing them on one platform.

WOMEN of this generation have captured the whole world. They are very actively working in different sectors of life.From being a homemaker to an achiever had faced lots of ups and down in life but with strong determination have achieved their dreams with passion fulfilling their daily activities and reached the sky. Many of them working with big organization as CEO’s, successful Entrepreneurs, Social activist etc.. IAWA NGO took the initiative to felicitate these women with Saraswatibai Dadasaheb Phalke WOMEN ACHIEVER AWARD. Awards are the key to success. Saraswati Bai Dadasaheb Phalke was a strong women of who was multitasking and empowered herself helping her husband Dadasaheb Phalke to be the Pioneer in Filmmaking. IAWA gives tributes to her by awarding the strong achievers worldwide. IAWA’s moto is to motivate these women by giving them recognition and building the confidence and acknowledging their hardships. It’s not easy to reach one’s dreams. A women can play multiple roles by achieving her dreams as well as taking care of her loved ones. She still is answerable to everyone around her ,she cannot take her own decisions.

List of Achievers :

From young achiever Nishika show from Kolkata to Primla Hingorani famous for her fitness at the age of 77. Sanipina jayalakshmi Rao from Vishakapatnam super editor of face book,working with NASA. Jaya Krishna Das a singer from Chennai a multitasker, Telekha Shanmugam from Malaysia,Satinder kaur an inspiration to many from Dehradun. Pallavi Bansode from Mumbai an Author, Shalini Singh journalist saksham news, Anita Bhusal from KALIMPONG, social activist, Julia Smith from Russia a singer, Asavari sharma a soft skill trainer, Rakshinda Tabassum Shaikh motivational speaker, Ruplekha Roy social activist from Kolkata, Meera Ahmed from USA an artist, Rashu Hemal a spiritual healer, Mamta Mehta from Gujarat, Ritu Asrani a filmmaker, Gioconda Vessichelli from Italy, Dolly sohi actress,Dr Kusum Dhiraj Chandani from gujrat a Physiotherapist, Parveen Sangral from Jammu, Henda oueslati from Tunisia, A sculpture artist Ramita Bhaduri from Kolkata,Anupama Trigunayat from Gurgaon an artist, Yashodaa Poojary a teacher from mumbai, Urmila Chowdhury from Bangalore an influencer, Charanya Gurusathtya a dancing Guru , Chhaya Shishir JANBANDHU from Nagpur a strong women teaching self defence to women, Zakia Wardak General consulate Afghanistan, Jyoti Thackare Chairperson of mahila Arthik Vikas MahaMandal, Mumbai told their inspirational stories on zoom meeting.

Brief about Daljeet Kaur :

She is Actress, Model and Media Entrepreneur; she is also founder of IAWA (INNOVATIVE ARTIST WELFARE ASSOCIATION) and SDP Achievers Award. She is highly well connected Globally and well respectable Women Entrepreneur of South Asia. She believes in Women Empowerment and promote Entrepreneurship among Women Entrepreneurs. Daljeet Kaur honoured thousands of Women Entrepreneur through her platform. She inspires and encourage them through her SDP Achiever Award. She is also associated with many online Media Houses as a consultant.


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