Shiv Yuva Sena holds Rangoli Competition to promote Rich Traditional Maharashtrian Culture


    Rangoli is a rich traditional Culture and in every household Rangoli is a must on every auspicious occasions. It adds a divine color to the occasion.

    Keeping in mind the rich cultural tradition of Rangoli and its significance, Versova Vidhan Sabha Yuvati Yuva Sena held the traditional Bhavya Rangoli Competition Stretching from Dahisar to Bandra and all over North Maharashtra. This comes as per orders of Chief Minister of Youth Sena Aditya Thackeray Saheb and under the guidance of Youth Army Secretary.

    Notably the Bhavya Rangoli Spardha is the initiative conceived by Yuva Sena Executive and Senate Member Shitaltai Devarukhar Sheth.

    The proud winners of the Versova Legislative Assembly are:

    No. 1. Prajakta More
    No. 2: Shilpa Magar
    No. 3: Lakshmi Gupta
    1. Trutika Pujari
    2. Eurekha

    The Winning Contestants were highly congratulated for their skill in Rangoli.

    Gorgeous Rangoli Competition. The winners of this competition were honoured with prizes and testimonials.

    A degree of thanks was accorded to Mohit Pednekar, Yuva Sena Divisional Officer, Geeta Kadam, Assembly Coordinator, Neha Dhage, Sub Divisional Officer, Kiran Patil, Branch Officer, Nisha Gupta, Upasana Gupta, Dipti Patil, College Room Member.

    Special Co-operation was extended by Raju Shripad Pednekar Saheb (Deputy Head / Councilor)

    Meanwhile Yuvati With Rangoli
    Expressed Thanks to Aditya Thackeray Saheb and Youth Army.

    The Bhavya Rangoli Competition is the initiative of
    Bhagyashree Vikram Giramkar Abhale
    Yuvati Department Officer
    Vidhan Sabha Yuva Sena Yuvati

    The Rangoli Competition was organised by Bhagyashree Vikram Abhale and Mohit Pednekar.

    News Input by Bhagyashree Vikram Abhale

    News Compiled by Sejal Bhise



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