Home Hello Womeniya Surat based Social Entrepreneur Alka Singla shares her Entrepreneurial journey on Navratri with Hello Mumbai News

Surat based Social Entrepreneur Alka Singla shares her Entrepreneurial journey on Navratri with Hello Mumbai News

Surat based Social Entrepreneur Alka Singla shares her Entrepreneurial journey on Navratri with Hello Mumbai News
Navratri is a  major Hindu festival celebrated in honour of the divine Goddess Durga. It is celebrated for nine days during the month  September.

It is a very popular festival in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The Dandiya Raas is very popular traditional folklore of Gujarat

The Nine-Day festival is devoted to the victory of the Goddess Durga.
During the nine day festive just as Goddess Durga gets attired in nine colors with different colors each day so do the Navratri revellers who wear different colors of clothes during the nine days.

on the eve of Navratri festival Hello Mumbai carries a special series on Woman Entrepreneurs. Today we are introducing to you a very dynamic and popular Entrepreneur of Surat known  for her remarkable and outstanding performance in the field of Social Work and  who always believe in Women Empowerment. Yes we are talking about Alka Singla. She shares her Entrepreneurial journey with Hello Mumbainews.com Team.

Name  : Alka Singla

Famous As : Social Entrepreneur 

Based : Surat

Hello Mumbai : Brief us about yourself or Introduce yourself

Alka Singla : Alka Singla
to toDOB – 04-12-70
Birth place – Ludhiyana (Pb)
Qualifications- BA , LLB from Punjabi University Patiala
Married to Girish Singla on 14 feb 1994
Currently lives in Surat
Occupation – Business (Embroidery Machines)

Hello Mumbai : Are You an Entrepreneur or a Startup owner ?

Alka Singla : Basically I am into my family run business. But as of now am completely a social Entrepreneur and dedicated to social work. I Started my journey in 2003, at a time when Surat had not been recognized as the textile hub of India but with only two embroidery machines. An era when women were not known to own embroidery factories and very limited designers, I started from scratch and worked my way right from learning how to operate machines to now owning a factory that holds over 50 machines. Just as I realized how empowering it was for me to be able to establish something significant, I wanted to share this with other women and help them grow. From then on, I switched to social work and now President of the Inner Wheel Club of Surat Sea Face.
We initiate projects wherein women are given opportunities to work and become self independent.

Hello Mumbai  : How do you celebrate Navratri festival?

Alka Singla : Apart from  nine day fasting and the garba, being a social worker we usually start off by spreading joy among the underprivileged. It really doesn’t take much to make them happy, and being able to bring smiles onto the faces of underprivileged Children is the best way to celebrate any festival. This Navratri we will be distributing Clothes, Stationery, Furniture and Electrical Appliances for the betterment of the Children studying at Maharshi Aastik School, where the strength comprises 80% students coming from slums.

 Hello Mumbai : What is the importance or significance of Navratri festival for you.

Alka Singla : For me, Navratri has always been a symbol of good win over the evil, along with the emphasis on the strength of Goddess Durga bringing to light the resilience and strength that women have within them and that nothing is unachievable for women.

Hello Mumbai : What message you wish to convey on Navratri?

Alka Singla : It’s a chance that every one of us get to renew our minds and bodies to overcome our own evils and be better and do better. So, please immerse yourself in the festivities and bring joy to yourself and to others around you.
I express my heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Aleem Shaikh to have given  me this opportunity and I am honored to be associated with Hello Mumbai, online magazine. I have always believed that women are the strength of the society in every sense. Women should and can bring up other women and the society as a whole. I am glad that Hello Mumbai is such a platform.

Key Highlights of her social Service Project 
DIST: 306
Club President: Mrs. Alka Singla
On 25th November 2021, Inner Wheel Club of Surat Sea Face donated a total of 25 sewing machines, 5 machines to 5 villages each, namely, Songarh, Dahod, Chinchli, Dang and Chhota Udaipur. The stitching units were inaugurated by District chairman Mrs. Sushma Agrawal and Club President of Surat Sea Face Mrs. Alka Singla.
This initiative is a step of Surat Sea Face to make women independent which   is a big step towards empowering women.

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