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    Surat BJP Municipal Corporator, Rupal Shah Ward-20, Comes Forward to help Covid-19 affected people amid lockdown.

    Mumbai: While Interacting with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent, Neha Singh, Rupal Shah said that her mission is to promote actions, services, and good practices intended to improve the lives of people.

    She further mentioned that food arrangements were made by JCI Surat Metro Sakhi Women and Vikas Juneja, owner of the Fortune Hall to feed 4000 people daily morning and evening, for 58 days.

    She added that Zone Office, Surat Municipal Corporation fed the needy people.
    She alongside other women of JCI Surat Metro Sakhi stitched masks and distributed more than 10,000 masks among children and needy people.

    Homeopathic medicine too was distributed to more than 20,000 to the team of Doctors. They had prepared and dispersed 10,000 hygiene kits to women comprising 2 masks, Sanitary napkins and soap.

    Apart from this, they provided 25 hand sanitizer machines to Surat Metropolitan Municipality and even handed over 25 PPE kits at Surat Airport.

    More than 10,000 ration kits were also distributed

    Picture of Ration Kits Distribution.

    Picture of Mask Distribution.

    Homeopathy medicine distributed by Rupal Shah amid lockdown.

    to needy. Seva Foundation Vishwa Hindu Parishad Surat Municipal Corporation. JCI Surat Metro Sakhi together distributed Ayurvedic extracts to 50,000 people daily in Ward number 20.

    Rupal Shah is President of JCI Surat Metro Sakhi snd also the Chairperson of Nari Sanrakshan Gruh .

    She went on to add that after 20 years she sat on the machine to sew masks for people.

    She feels grateful to Darshana Ben Jardosh Member of Parliament Surat,Shri CR Patil, Member of Parliament Navsari ,Municipal Corporation Mayor Dr. Jagdish , Deputy Mayor Nirav Shah Dhara, MLA Harsh Sanghvi team of Athav Zone and all women of JCI Metro Sakhi, who supported her in this initiative.

    JCI Metro Sakhi, Surat was fecilated by Surat Commissioner and Collector Dhawan Patel.

    Meanwhile, she expresses his gratitude t all above mentioned people and to the residents of Surat who all co-operated with her.

    News Input: Neha Singh

    News Edit by K.V.Raman



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