Uk physiotherapist Preet Chandi in the British Army, aims to accomplish a 700 mile solo, unsupported expedition in Antarctica.

Uk physiotherapist Preet Chandi  in the British Army, aims to accomplish  a 700 mile solo, unsupported expedition in Antarctica.
File Picture of Preet Chandi .

Exclusive Report of Kamal Prabhakar from London :

Preet Chandi is an physiotherapist in the British Army, aiming to complete a 700 mile solo, unsupported expedition in Antarctica.

Antarctica is the coldest, highest, driest and windiest continent on Earth. Nobody lives there permanently. Pioneers such as Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen and Mawson, have inspired her. There are only a few female adventurers that have completed a solo, unsupported trek on this continent and it is time to add some more names, diversity and to make history. This will be make her the first Asian female to complete a solo, unsupported expedition in Antarctica.

Nothing is impossible, I’ve always had this idea that I can achieve something great, something that allows me to be a role model. I want my 10 year old niece to grow up without boundaries, knowing the possibilities of what you can achieve in life are endless.”

This journey aims to inspire future generations in achieving whatever they desire and pushing boundaries. By promoting and completing this challenge, it allows her to act as a role model to young people, women and those from ethnic backgrounds.

Preet has a sporting background and played tennis full time as a teenager at an academy in Czech Republic. She moved back to England aged 19 to pursue a different path and joined the Army. With minimal GCSEs and no A-levels, she worked hard to get a place at university. One of her greatest achievements remains getting her degree in physiotherapy.

My appetite for greater and greater challenges started to grow, starting with my first half marathon at 20 years old”

She has completed several ultra-marathons since then, including Marathon des Sables, 156 miles in the desert (arguably one of the hardest ultra marathons in the world) and it left her wanting more. The more you do, the more you realise what you are capable of.

“The scale of my adventures started to grow and my definition of what is normal changed. I am ambitious and driven and incredibly motivated. When I told my family of my plan to cross Antartica, my brother was not surprised and said ‘you never give up.’ Even if it is out of pure stubbornness to not give up, I know I will achieve this goal. The only question is when”

To follow her training and adventures, follow @polarpreet on Instagram/Facebook.

“I want to bring as many people into this journey as possible! I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and hopefully you can join me in the New Year for some of my training”


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