UK Social Entrepreneur Ritu Sharma Shares her Covid 19 lockdown experience with Hello Mumbai News

UK Social Entrepreneur Ritu Sharma Shares her  Covid 19 lockdown experience with Hello Mumbai News

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News :

Ms Ritu Sharma is a women empowerment ambassador & personal development trainer, professional speaker, educator and an author. She spreads the message of empowerment and upliftment for one and all.

Being an Indian origin, she is a UK qualified teacher status holder and has been residing in the United Kingdom for the last 16 years, and shaping the future of generations. A few years ago, she moved from teaching into entrepreneurship and now runs business events, under the brand ‘Kindle Your True Power’ all year around connecting speakers and business owners (men and women) giving them a platform to share their services and products with wider business communities.

She has two popular channels on You Tube called ‘Forty Steps to Love’ and ‘Aaj Ke Baad’, both in alignment with her message of empowerment and love.
She has been a university topper in Masters in English. Also, she is a famous author of book ‘Rich Man’s Poor Daughter’ and has co-authored in a global book project called ‘Book of Inspiration- For women, by women’ with a motto to empower self and others.

She is the founder and CEO of an organisation called ‘Kaushalya UK’ which is dedicated to empowering women. Lots of events, seminars, speaking events and workshops are organised by this organisation to support and uplift the status of women. She believes that females of this world are capable of achieving immeasurable heights if given a chance to prove themselves. She has been working constantly to bring positive changes in the lives of women and empowering them. She says that her 2 daughters are the inspiration behind all her work.

She started her work as a solo warrior and has been joined by thousands across the world now. She is a multiple award-winning women’s coach and speaker. Her work is being recognised at large and in the year 2020 alone she has won 5 prestigious awards:

She Inspires Awards held in the British Parliament House, for the category of ‘The Spirited Fighter’
India Star Independent Award 2020 for her book ‘Rich Man’s Poor Daughter’ and work in Women Empowerment
India Star Personality Award 2020 for Appreciable work in the field of Women Empowerment
WOW Women of The World Lifetime Achievement Award
UPWR International Icon Award

Ritu Sharma’s vision for future is that of woman leadership. She has personally taken this responsibility on herself and is running projects to create women leaders in their respective fields. She emphasises that most attractive feature of woman leadership is that women predominantly focus and work from a ’philanthropist’ space and believe in greater good for all. They believe in giving back and creating a balance- in career and personal interests. The future lies in the hands of women leadership as they would beautifully integrate future visions where business successes, personal success, family success and community success are all interwoven and mutually reinforcing.

During the testing times of Covid-19 pandemic situation and lockdown,
Ms. Sharma continued her efforts to keep people on a high vibration. Under her leadership, her organisation continued to deliver regular online workshops and sessions to enhance good mental health and opportunities for personal and professional development. The organisation has worked tirelessly, in association with other voluntary organisations and professional bodies, to support those in need. It has been realised that loneliness and rise in domestic abuse have been two areas of great concern. Kaushalya UK tackled the first one with great finesse while also working on streamlining strategies on supporting DV victims.

Ritu believes that Covid-19 came at a time where humanity needed a nudge to their consciousness and the whole year has made it clear for many that our priorities must be that of peace, care and environmental preservation. The vaccine brings great hope to us while we head towards 2021, a year where we get to execute all our new learnings and realisations. The vaccine has started relieving people of the fear of the virus and we hope that we can eradicate this imprisonment by accepting the vaccine and making sensible choices in future.



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