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Usha Saraogi, Dist chairman,Inner wheel club, Dist 323, shares her realistic experience, and charity Projects amid Covid-19 pandemic with Hello Mumbai News

Usha Saraogi, Dist chairman,Inner wheel club, Dist 323, shares her realistic experience, and charity  Projects amid Covid-19 pandemic with Hello Mumbai News
Chairman Usha Saraogi with her Club Presidents.
Oxygen concentrators and Nebulizer .
Picture of Grocery distribution.
Picture of Project Mikka Nandri – Honouring the nurses.
Picture of Food distribution.
Sanitary pads & Mask distribution .
Wheelchair distribution to differently abled people.
Food distribution to roadside people .

Inner wheel club Usha Saraogi Dist chairman of 323 while elaborating with Hello Mumbai News Correspondent Janvi S.Panjwani about the lockdown charity work.

Janvi: Hello ma’am, can you give some information about your district, how many clubs come under you and how many states and cities are there?
Usha saraogi:
District Chairman Usha Saraogi with her team of 8 Executive Committee members and 56 Hope Angel Presidents.
District 323 is in Tamilnadu state only, which comprises of Clubs from Chennai, Kancheepuram, Thiruvannamalai, Thiruvallur and Vellore revenue districts.
In District 323, there are 56 clubs and 1632 members.

Janvi: How many charity projects your Club did during your period 2020 – 21?
Usha Saraogi: We have done more than 5000 charity projects during the period of 2020-21.
AMRITA VARSHINI – 108 acres lake Mittanamalli at Chennai restored.
Varsha Rakshati -101 Rainwater harvesting wells in 42 schools and in 3 orphanage homes.
Harithavanam Miyawaki Forest and other 2 urban forests in 5000 sq ft and 3000 sq.ft respectively in the heart of the city.
EDUCATION – GNANAM: Distribution of 200 mobile phones to school students and ENNAL MUDIYUM – NEET coaching to 105 Government school students. The members gave their voluntary service for the smooth running of the course.
HEALTH & HYGIENE – NIMIRNTHU NIL (Stand Tall) – Distributed 2 lakh Sanitary Pads to the Migrant workers, to orphanage homes, and to school students. Conducted PAAVAI (WOMAN), health and hygiene awareness sessions to college girls.
PATRIOTISM – MIKKA NANDRI (Thank You) – Honoured 1140 Nurses of RGGGH and 240 nurses of Kaveri Hospital and 330 Nurses of KMCH for their yeoman service during the COVID Pandemic. Bharat KE VEER – WE HONOURED THE SERVICE OF MARTYR PALANI’S BY GIVING A FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO HIS CHILDREN.
ORPHANAGE – Every club helped more than 3 to 5 orphanage homes. Recognition of 2 NGO for their yeoman service and distribution of 35 Wheelchairs to differently abled people. We have given ration to more than 3000 families.
FIGHT AGAINST COVID – Given three non-invensive ventilators to 3 different hospitals.
PROJECT: OXYGEN ON DRIVE – Given 6 oxygen concentrator and we are working for another 10 oxygen concentrator. Distributed 60000 masks with Inner Wheel logo, N95 masks and Sanitizers.

Janvi: Please highlight something about your charity and social work carried out by you amid lockdown?
Usha Saraogi: Through volunteers we have given many COVID infected families, three meals a day for 14 days. All the clubs have even given the health workers a nutritious food to make them stay strong. We helped many roadside people, orphanages and homes with food and other essentials. Distributed masks, sanitizers and gloves to people. We have also donated medical equipments to hospitals for treating COVID.

Janvi: Mam, What type of Challenges you have faced during this lockdown?
Usha Saraogi: We were not able to do any physical gatherings. Normally we have our signature project Mazhalai Oli, where we give clothes and sweets to small children on account of Diwali celebrations. But this year, we refrained from doing so due to lockdown. But for most of the things, we resorted to different means to help the needy.

Janvi:  Mam, Can you please share your lockdown experience with us?
Usha Saraogi: First lockdown was a very sudden shock to everybody. We were not aware how the year will unfold. Slowly, we understood and accepted the situation and started doing whatever helps the society required.
When one door closes, another door opens.
We started doing meetings via Zoom.
In first lockdown we found that many people under depression due to losing their jobs, insecurity and fear of COVID. We ladies of Inner Wheel organized many counseling to motivate them. Helped underprivileged children to start their online classes.
We had learnt one thing – we can survive without everything, we can manage without junk food; we can do our own work, but good health is very important. My biggest experience in lockdown is, I started doing regular exercise and started doing medicine.

Janvi:  How you are handling Second wave of COVID 19?
Usha Saraogi: It is very difficult. We were not ready that India has got such a strong second wave. We were getting so many young mortality news from all over India, from Inner Wheel circle. The crisis of oxygen became such a big issue. We tried to help them with whatever best we are able to do and tried to give all kind of medical, oxygen and food help to people wherever required.

Janvi: Mam, do you want to make any appeal to our viewers?
Usha Saraogi: This crisis taught us that only good thing will go with us. The people who help others will only get the blessings. Keeping our environment good and healthy, having positive attitude and good vibration in environment is very important because,
A positive attitude gives you
Power over your circumstances
Instead of you circumstances
Having power over you.


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