Home Hello Womeniya Zhep Udyogini organised Seminar on Business Growth For Women Entrepreneurs in association with Jyovis Hospital Of Ayurveda and Aesthetic Center at Dadar

Zhep Udyogini organised Seminar on Business Growth For Women Entrepreneurs in association with Jyovis Hospital Of Ayurveda and Aesthetic Center at Dadar

Zhep Udyogini organised Seminar on Business Growth For Women Entrepreneurs in association with Jyovis Hospital Of Ayurveda and Aesthetic Center at Dadar

Female entrepreneurship is vital for our future. Collectively we can make a change by closing the gap between men and women in the workforce.
Entrepreneurs are those adventurous, daredevils who drive deep into the pressing problems of society and try to find solutions to them, not by leaving the responsibilities in the reins of the government or business, but by trying to change systems as a whole and persuading societies to take new initiatives.

Zep Udyogini, a Mumbai based women entrepreneur is a registered non-profit organization and a networking organization for women to achieve great success in business and
working for women’s economic empowerment.

They work with most vulnerable, marginalized women to empower them economically, listen to their needs and strengthen local resources and ecology for creating sustainable livelihoods.

Networking is a must for any Affiliate, promoting any programme.

With this initiative in mind, an event was held on December 8 at 3 pm at the Jyovis Beauty and Wellness Center Sunshine Plaza, Dadar East.

The main highlight of this event was the attendance by several high profile dignitaries namely Dr. Raj Satpute, Head, Jyovis Beauty and Wellness Center and Dr. Jyoti Satpute Founder & Director of Jyovis Beauty and Wellness Center, Rajesh Bhujale, Motivational Business Trainer, Rajendra L.Saroj, Business Entrepreneur, Shankar Thakkar, Mumbai Metropolitan President of Confederation All India Trade, Praveena Kalme, Head of Social Organization.

The entire event was exceptionally organised and diligently coordinated by Purnima Manish Shirishkar, Founder of Zep Udyogini.

Zep Udyogini challenges the notion that entrepreneurship is a male-dominated space and connect aspiring women (and youth) with the markets, remove barriers, build skills, and make resources accessible to them.

In the event, an Accurate Information Guidance Programme was conducted.

How important is our network when it comes to women doing business? How can multiple WhatsApp groups and social media be used to maximize business marketing?

Notably, the networking event saw the attendance by 45 Women Entrepreneurs from Kalyan, Thane and Navi Mumbai. Everyone introduced themselves and displayed their product and promoted their Business.

The Founder of ZEP ensured to hold number of such meetings every month. The required funds for setting up a business will be made available to Women through ZEP and SBI Bank.

While venturing into business and before commencing a business it is of prime importance for a Proper Guidance on how to manage your business and what would be the profit made from your business in the future, the benefits of the network, working together was provided through “Purnima Shirishkar”.
As Founder of ZEP Udyogini, Purnima Shirishkar said, “Its is a great moment to organise such a great event, and I’m thankful to Jyoti Satpute who help us to organise this event. The main purpose of this event, is to support and give new business opportunity to women through this network. Zep always organise such type of networking event and I’m sure this event will help all Entrepreneurs.

Dr. Raj Satpute Director of Jyovis, addressed the audience and emphasised the use of Ayurveda and its benefits and inform all how the demand for Ayurveda increased globally after this pandemic. He also assured all women entrepreneur of his support.

While addressing on this networking event Dr. Jyoti Satpute said, “I feel much excited and happy that me and Purnima organised such a wonderful event to promote Women Empowerment and Women Entrepreneurship
I lent my ears to everyone’s Entrepreneurial journey and am immensely impressed with everyone. My support goes out to each and everyone forever. She further added “We must love our courage and civilization and I firmly repose my trust in Women Empowerment. “Ayurveda is our grass root which needs to be followed. After this pandemic and lockdown, people are switching over towards Ayurveda. The time has come when we need to be health conscious.
Zep Udyogini a great and unique platform for all of us”.
Shankar Bhai Thakkar, President, Confederation of All India Trade, Mumbai Mahanagar, explained the activities of the association and the various problems encountered by the traders and solved through the association and how men and women traders can work together.

You are also a trader to many women. Making sense of this, he announced to give his priority to the products of local women traders by creating business opportunities by holding exhibitions in many places and not participating in the organization.

Motivational and Business Trainer Rajesh Bhujale gave a wonderful guide to introduce the patent qualities in women by generating a strong belief that women are self-reliant and are still self-reliant in many situations like this. It also instilled confidence in women by recognizing the importance over Mastery.


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