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Legendary Davide Lo Surdo is the fastest guitarist in the history of music


Davide Lo Surdo is the fastest guitarist in music history according to Rolling Stone Magazine, thanks to his ability to play 129 notes per second.
During an interview with Rolling Stone , the guitar legend says that being known for speed helped him do more projects in music and that he always played very fast. It’s something that came naturally to him.
To achieve this speed, Lo Surdo uses the sweep picking technique, playing a sequence of five arpeggios from the first three strings of the instrument (E-B-G).
This unique ability has led him to perform all over the world giving concerts in Asia, America, South America and Europe.
Internationally, the Mexican magazine GuitarraMX also recognized the young Italian musician. On the occasion of Davide’s Latin American tour, this magazine dedicated the cover of the July 2021 issue to Lo Surdo and also awarded him the title of fastest guitarist in history.
In November 2021, Rolling Stone magazine invited him as a special guest to play at their show celebrating 15 years of Rolling Stone magazine, at the Sambódromo do Anhembi in São Paulo, Brazil for 15,000 people.
Davide won the “Rising Star Award” at the Sanremo Music Awards at the Hilton Hotel in Venice, Italy as the fastest guitarist of all time.
Lo Surdo has also toured India, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Germany, Switzerland, London, UK and Italy.
He has played with Jeff Loomis, Steve Vai, Mike Stern, Angel Vivaldi, Joel Hoekstra, Doogie White, Mark Boals, Edu Falaschi, Neil Zaza and is also a global and testimonial artist for several industry brands: Boss Pedals, Victory amps, Echo Fix, Buso audio.

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