Home Art & Culture An Exhibition of Painting by Artist Shruti Goenka “Aatmabodh – A journey within…!” at Nehru Centre Art Gallery Worli

An Exhibition of Painting by Artist Shruti Goenka “Aatmabodh – A journey within…!” at Nehru Centre Art Gallery Worli

An Exhibition of Painting by Artist Shruti Goenka “Aatmabodh – A journey within…!” at Nehru Centre Art Gallery Worli

“Aatmabodh – A journey within…!”

An exhibition of Painting by Artist Shruti Goenka “Aatmabodh – A journey within…!” will be displayed in a solo art exhibition at Nehru Centre art gallery, Dr. Annie Besant Road, Worli, Mumbai, from 19th to 25th April, 2022 between 11 am to 7 pm.

Inspired by her visit to monasteries in Ladakh, ghats of Ganga at Varanasi and temples of south India, Kanheri caves at Mumbai and other enchanting expeditions, the painter in Shruti Goenka urged her to createa series of artworks that talks about the creation of this universe, provokes thoughts about the purpose of this life and takes one through the journey of self-discovery.

Atmabodh is Shruti’s creation of diverse as well as few series of photo finish fine art paintings, reflecting her own and gathered perspective towards self-searching, and at the same time invoking though in the viewers mind to explore the inner dimension.

The whole creation works on some principle. The cycle of death and re-birth, the five elements of human creation, karma, faith, surrender, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, bhakti, wisdom and the path of self-realisation, the liberation (Nirvana), which Krishna said in Bhagwat Gitais the ultimate truth, takes various depictions in the artworks of Shruti. She has shown Buddha in his Vajradhara position, several forms of mindfulness and compassion are shown through Shwet Tara, Kshatriya – amindful warrior and a figurine artwork by the name Nishtha shows a being  in the state of awareness while performing his duties. Iccha Dwar is depiction of human mind and system as a doorway with the choice of whether to keep it closed or to keep it open and explore further, lying with each individual.

Shruti Goenka is an accomplished artist, working in the field of art since over two decades. Her idea of art is to capture in frames, whatever catches her attention, provokes thought in her and sooths the eyes, via various medium such as oil on canvas, acrylic, charcoal, clay to name a few. Shruti started her journey as an artist at the young age of 19. She has done 4 solo shows and a few group shows. She has also worked as a visual merchandiser for a brand owning a chain of stores, and as an illustrator for a publishing house, in Mumbai. She has been frequently invited as an art faculty by various educational institutes and has been conducting art classes for students of all age group. Her experiment with conducting Art Therapy Sessions have received overwhelming reviews and was recently invited by a well-known corporate group for conducting the online art therapy sessions for its employees during the lock down period. Shruti is passionate for realistic art style and she endeavours to give photo finish to her work. Her Paintings have adorned the walls of several corporate offices, and homes of private art collectors in India and abroad. During the first wave of corona virus pandemic in May 2020, Shruti participated in the online auction for charity of artworks organized by Smile Foundation for helping migrating labors. Her painting got sold giving her opportunity to contribute her bit for the noble cause.


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