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BEING HEALTHY Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) Dr Sonali Jethliya Dietitian and Clinical Nutitionist

BEING HEALTHY  Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)  Dr Sonali Jethliya Dietitian and Clinical Nutitionist

Basal Metabolic Rate :

We rarely consider how hard our bodies really work to keep the heart beating, not to mention so many bodies functions that we take for granted. All these tasks require a certain amount of calories. This requirement of energy is referred to as the Basal Metabolic Rate.
Each of us has a different basal metabolic rate, partly determined by our genes and hereditary factors. Some are born with a faster metabolic rate .They can eat as much as they do and not put on an ounce of weight. On the other hand, those with a slower metabolic rate have to struggle to keep their weight in check, without really eating that much.
In general, men have a higher metabolic rate than women. This rate remains fairly consistent until the age of 70, after which it tends to drop off. A woman’s metabolic rate increases during pregnancy and goes even higher when nursing, but reduces as she enters menopause. It is important to know your BMR before starting a diet program.
Women:BMR=655+(9.6*weight in kg)+(1.8*height in cm)-(4.7*age in years)

Facts about BMR :

1.The higher your BMR, the easier it is to maintain or loose weight.
2.If your metabolism is low, your body may not be able to burn all the food you eat for energy.
3.Strict diet regimen can slow down your BMR
4.Eating plenty of protein can increase your metabolism.
5.Drinking plenty of water can boost your metabolism.
6.Adding spices to your food helps in boosting metabolism
7.The Metabolic rate of a person decrease in the evening,therefore eat light in evening.
8.Although genetic factors cannot be altered,it is possible to boost your BMR by:
A)Right food at right time.
B)Integrating exercise in your daily routine(running,cycling.swimming.high intensity workout,lifting weights)
But here’s a little more on some food that can make a special difference to your diet;
There are certain foods that require more calorie for them to be digested than
what is present in the food itself.these are called catabolic food.
Catabolic food list;
Include catabolic food in each meal and you burn more calories.
Whether you need to gain weight,maintain your current weight,or lose weight,calculating &understanding your BMR is a good place to start with.
Dr Sonali Jethliya
Dietitian & Nutritionist.

About Dr. Sonali
Dr Sonali Rajeev Jethliya.

BAMS from pune university

* Post graduate in Diatetics and clinical nutrition.

* Practicing in Jalna since 17 yrs in pediatric field.

Practicing as a Dietician since last 3 yrs

Husband Rtn Dr Rajeev Jethliya. He is a pediatrician.
Mother of twin 13 yr old boys.

Reading,Travelling and dance is my passion.

*Writer: 3 books r published uptil now.
They r marathi katha sangrah.

* Also does vocal recording of syllabus for Blind students since 3 yrs

* Charter member of Innerwheel club Jalna central
Post served_medical director, Editor, ISO, VP

* Was invited by Sahyadri channel twice for live interview on the subject” Balsangopan”

*Active in social work especially in the field of women and child health and education.

* Associated with ‘light of life’ organization ,100 rs social club

* Dietician of Aannaamrit organisation ( Jalna)

* participated in national and international Marathons.


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