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CANCER HOME HEALTH- much needed service in Mumbai

CANCER HOME HEALTH- much needed service in Mumbai
Dr.Sunil Dhillwal., Founder &CEO, Cancer Home Health

CANCER HOME HEALTH- much needed service in Mumbai.

Dr Prince John
Head,Clinical Services
Cancer Home Health

Each year, tens of millions of people are diagnosed with cancer around the world, and more than half of the patients eventually die from it. In many countries, Cancer ranks the second most common cause of death following cardiovascular diseases.
Cancer is a major burden of disease worldwide. It drains patient and caregivers physically and emotionally. The curative care management involves several sessions of Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and or Surgery.
Patients experience many side effects and symptoms during and post chemotherapy/radiation therapy, if not treated in time may need hospitalization. Multiple hospital admissions and follow up sessions hamper the state of mind of the patients and create overall aversion to the treatment protocol and is one of the prime reasons for discontinuation of the treatment. The anxiety, fear of the disease and treatment takes toll on both patient and family members. In these situations, professional help is important and Cancer Home Health Service Team provides the much-needed relief to the patients and their family caregivers during these difficult times.
Cancer Home Care Team Covers following Geographical Areas
Churchgate to Virar
CST to Ambernath
CST to Panvel
Thane to Vashi


Cancer Home Health Primary Services Includes

Dedicated Doctor for Each Patient
Specialised Nurse Services
Pain Management
Chemotherapy Symptom Management
Radiotherapy Symptom Management
Post-Surgery Care & Wound Management
Supportive Care Management
Palliative Care Management
End Of Life Care Management
Bereavement Care

Benefits of Cancer Home Health
Positive Impact on Quality of Life
Smooth Transition of Care from Hospital<->Home
Reduces Needless Hospitalization
Decreases Total Cost of Care
Reduces Anxiety of Patient/Caregivers
Better Outcomes due to Continuity of Care
Family/Caregivers Feels Supported & Confident in Caring at Home
Dignified Care during Last Stages of Illness

To make the process much simpler,
the cancer home health app
can be downloaded on android phone,

for easy access to all the services.

With this the caregiver has more time to be with the patient, and rest things are taken care by the care managers. The quality of life and quality of time spent with patient is more precious than anything else.


Contact Details:
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