Dial ‘ 100 ‘ Demand for Extortion! Hotel industry business declining due to prankster misusing ‘Dial 100’

Dial ‘ 100 ‘ Demand for Extortion!  Hotel industry business declining due to prankster misusing ‘Dial 100’

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Hotel industry business declining due to prankster misusing ‘Dial 100’
Mumbai like New York and Tokyo is regarded as the world’s most electrifying and exhilarating city in terms of glamour and glitz. The city which boasts of Bollywood stars and top business tycoons residing in the city is also known as the city that never sleeps due to its dominant nightlife culture.
When the ordinary citizens of the city sleep by 12 pm Mumbai city comes alive with its dazzling and sizzling Night Life where the rich and the famous throng Hotels, Nightclubs, Bars, Lounges etc. It is estimated that crores of rupees are fumed in a single night by these affluent class. Of course, the government also fills it coffers in form of GST and other taxes. However, the hotel industry mourns that the booming business of Nightlife in Mumbai has been badly shattered by a few handful pranksters who are misusing the police emergency response number ‘100′.
On condition of anonymity, a Hoteliers told Hello Mumbai, “Gone are the days when the hotels in Mumbai made money during Nightlife but ever since the pranksters have begun misusing police control room number 100 since then our business is unnecessarily been affected and has depreciated drastically.” He added, “When prankster calls 100; the police lands at our hotel and start an inquiry. As a result, customers are suddenly taken aback. Though the police never recover anything as we do clean business and are taxpayers but alas our business is badly hit as many of our customers rush out in fear.”
Disappointed by the growing decline in the flourishing hotel business another Hotel owner told Hello Mumbai, “Nowadays it has become a trend among criminal/ gangsters or few so-called social activists who try to blackmail us by threatening to call dial 100. However, we defy their diktat as we do legal business, pay tax and have legal permission licence. We also give GST Bill. Hence the police go empty hand without finding anything against us. This happens each time they receive fake dial 100 calls.”
“Though the police return empty handed the presence of police at our hotels ruins our business and our customers abandon us and go to other places,” he lamented.
When Hello Mumbai took the Hotel industry’s woes to Mumbai Police the police admitted that it is wrong to misuse dial 100 and harass anybody. The Mumbai Police informed Hello Mumbai, “Everyday Mumbai Police Control Room receives approximately 1, 00,000 phone calls and shamefully 80 percent are pranksters call and only about 1,500 calls are genuine distress calls.”
Mumbai Police has thus urged citizens to stop making prankster call and use the call for the genuine interest of society and not for blackmail hoteliers or harassing anybody” –Written and Edited by – Mansoor Khan


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