Drama Talkies Pays a memorable tribute to Padma Shri Nida Fazli on his Death Anniversary.

Drama Talkies Pays a memorable tribute to Padma Shri Nida Fazli on his Death Anniversary.
file Picture Nida Fazli with wife

Muqtida Hasan Nida Fazli aka Nida Fazli is a very popular name in the history of Urdu Poetry till date and will remain forever. He was born into a Kashmiri family in Delhi on October 12, 1938.

It is said that when his parents decided to move to Pakistan due to the communal tensions between the countries, Nida Fazli decided to stay back here in India. Throughout his life he was very much influenced by Kids,Surdas’ Compositions, Meera and also her eternal love for Lord Krishna which always reflected in his writings.In 1964 he moved to Mumbai in search of work. His poetic style always attracted many filmmakers of the industry which always led to invitations to mushairas to recite his poetry.

He was a visionary and also a torchbearer of simplicity of words in Urdu poetry. He beautifully penned down every emotion of love, Joy & Sorrow of a common man. In the beginning he was also criticised by few of the contemporary writers but his career got back on track when Kamal Amrohi approached him to complete the lyrics of the film “Razia Sultan” (1983).

Some of his popular songs include “Tu Is Tarah Se Meri Zindagi Mein” ( From Aap To Aise Na The, 1980), “Hoshwalon Ko Khabar Kya” (Sarfarosh, 1999) and “Aa Bhi Jaa” (Sur – The Melody of Life, 2002) .He was awarded the Padma Shri in 2013 by the government of India for his contribution to literature. On his 7th Death Anniversary, Drama Talkies, a Mumbai based Theatre Group & Production has interviewed his wife Malti Joshi Fazli who herself is an actress, Poet & a trained Classical Singer as a mark of respect and tribute to the departed soul who will remain in our hearts forever. All the minor and Major events of their life had been discussed in the interview which will be published on Drama Talkies Youtube on 8th Feb,2023. The show is Designed and Directed by Rishabh Mishra.


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