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Family Constellation by Manisha Agarwal,On Hello Mumbai News

Family Constellation by Manisha Agarwal,On Hello Mumbai News
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Family Constellation by Manisha Agarwal

Family Constellation uncovers the hidden dynamics of our family or relationship in an experimental way, so that existing energy can be observed and changed in a way where necessary and undue stress can be released or reduced in the system. This is a gentle and sensitive method of allowing family or relationship energy to reveal itself through representatives, so that a resolution can be unfold. To discuss more on this topic, today we have Manisha Agarwal with us. To start with please tell us more about Family Constellation and what kinds of cases are suitable for Family Constellation?

The world is full of people who need healing at one or more of these levels-Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Family Constellation is one such wonderful gift to the world that we have received. When someone in the family is excluded or there is an event or entanglement that is not seen or acknowledge by the rest then this has an effect on the family as a whole. Patterns, events and burdens from the past are carried down and are repeated through generations, leaving an emotional, physical and spiritual imprint on the individual as they follow the fates of those who have gone before. The events of previous generations that can impact in the present are many and far reaching. Situation of war, violent behaviour or experience of violence, murder, early deaths, loss of children, abortion, adoption, addiction, missing parents and siblings, and previous relationships all leave an imprint on the family if left unseen and unacknowledged and I must say that all of these issues can be resolved with the help of Family Constellation.

Is there any special kind of a degree or course required to do Family Constellation?
Yes, specific degrees and techniques are required to conduct a Family Constellation. Apart from degrees an individual interest with an intention to heal plays an important role.
How do you detect that an individual need a Family Constellation?
In order to detect for a need of a Family Constellation one should have proper experience and capability to understand the client’s issue.
How many sittings are required to get a result from Family Constellation?
There are no specific numbers of sitting; this totally depends on how sensitive and intense the client’s issue is. Healing can be done in one session or can go up to five session. According to me the major factor is the trust of the client on this therapy which works here.
Manishaji please tell us is there any negative effect of Family Constellation?
Family Constellation is a positive modality which doesn’t have any side effects. It is an effective therapy which has no negative effects.
Is there any other alternative therapy for Family Constellation?
Yes, there are alternative therapies but Family Constellation is one of the best modality invented by Bert Hillinger.
Is there any specific age required for an individual to get a family Constellation or an individual from any age group can take the benefit from this therapy?
No, there is no age requirement for us to do a family constellation. A person from any group can take benefit from this therapy.
Well that’s all for today, we will cover Regression on coming Saturday. In case if you have any queries or wants to have a session with Manishaji, you can contact her on email as well as call her on the above number. You can also give suggestion on the topics which you want Manishaji to cover in future through emails.

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