Home Fine & Dine First Lebanese Restaurant in Bandra ‘ Arbab ‘ launched by Faiz Kadawalla

First Lebanese Restaurant in Bandra ‘ Arbab ‘ launched by Faiz Kadawalla

Chef Raed Askar.


Faiz Kadawalla co founder ‘Arbab’.
Picture of Lebanese Dish .
Mumbaikars enjoying lebanese food at ‘Arbab ‘ Bandra.
Chef Shadi from Lebanon.

Good news for the foody people of Mumbai particularly those who are fond of authentic Lebanese food.Time has gone you need to go Dubai or Colaba for lebanese and middle East food.Now in the heart of Mumbai island and queen of Subrub ‘Bandra ‘ you will get authentic Lebanese food as per your choice.
‘Arbab ‘ recently launched Lebanese street cafe by Faiz Kadawalla in the heart of Bandra water field road

In an interview with ” Hello Mumbai News ‘ , Faiz kadawalla co founder of ‘Arbab’ said , ” The idea behind this was since my childhood I was visiting Dubai very often with my family I used to eat Lebanese food I thought this authentic Lebanese food must be in Mumbai , there was no authentic Lebanese taste available in Mumbai with this good intention we took this ahead and launched ARBAB and got good response beyond our expection , Our main usp is that we have special chef  Shadi from Beirut chef Raed Askar and chef shadi who prepared all dishes in his own style, we have Kebabs , Shawarmas and many more dishes in Lebanese  style which people like it , “.


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