Home Grand Sheri Party Organised By 'HARAMAYN' Tours And Travels, At Mahim

    Grand Sheri Party Organised By ‘HARAMAYN’ Tours And Travels, At Mahim

    Grand Sheri Party Organised By 'HARAMAYN' Tours And Travels, At Mahim

    With the holy month of Ramadan underway Sehri and Iftaar party is a very old trend in this month. by political parties and But now compare to Iftaar party Sehri parties are becoming more popular among the Mumbaikars. On Friday Night city’s well known Travel Agents and Owner of ‘HARAMAYN’ Tours Travels, Amjad Ali Sayed and brother Altaf Ali Sayed hosted a grand Sehri party for their friends and well wishers. The main attraction of this party was that it was attended by elite people, community leaders, Politicians and Muslim religious leaders. Those who attended the party among them were, Abu Asim Azmi SP chief Maharashtra and MLA, Dr. Patankar AVP chief Shamsher Khan Pathan, Mohammed A Sayyed Hotelier and Business Man, Khaleed Basar a business man, Mr. Rais, Asif Faruk Ncp Leader, Faizan Kadawala, Anwar Khan, Senior journalist and Head of UNI News agency Ejaz Ansari and many more across Mumbai attended this Sheri party and enjoyed it.

    “Sehri is our sunnat and to give Sehri party is very good cause according to our Islam, Without Sehri Roza is incomplete, Roza begins with Sehri our aim to organise this Sehri party is to convey the importance of Sehri and get together and we are organising this Sheri party for the last 40 years our late began  this trend now we are continuing it, Said Amjad Ali Sayed CMD of ‘HARAMAY’ Tours and Travels on this Occasion.

    Altaf Ali Sayed brother of Amjad Ali Sayed says every year we also organise a Iftaar party particularly for women for the last many years. Evey year we organise both Iftaar party as well Sheri also such type of work give us pleasure and ‘Sawaab’, he said.


    “It’s a great work to organise Sheri parties for the Rozedar, Said Abu Asim Azmi.

    “I appreciate the concept of Sheri and Iftaar party for the Rozedaar, and congratulate to Altaf Bhai and Amjad Bhai who organised such a wonderful party, said Mohammed A Sayyed.

    “This Sheri party was well organised and food was also delicious good crowd and we had a good discussion on Ramzaan I am thankful to Amjad Bhai and Altaf Bhai who is doing a great jod during the month of Ramzan, said Khaleed Basar.

    Sheri is very important in the month of Ramzan and it gives us the message of peace and communal harmony such type of partied gives us an opportunity to meet with people and discuss on Ramzaan, I congratulate to Altaf Bhai and Amjad Bhai who organised a such a good party for Rozedar.” Said AVP Chief Shamsher khan Pathan.

    “Sheri is very important aspect of Roza without Sheri Roza is incomplete, now a days Sheri trend is going to be  very popular among the people compare to Iftaar party because people prefer to attend Sheri parties they have a lots of time to spend but during Iftaar they don’t have  the time  so I must say this Sheri trend will be continue in future also and it’s a great cause to organise Sheri for Rozedar, said Ejaz Ansari.



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