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How Sexual abuse can create damage your personality,Manisha Agarwal

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Hello readers how are you all doing today ?hoping and praying that everyone and everything is good. I always talk about different healing modalities with you guys but today I want to talk to you all about a very disturbing yet common topic, Rape. Whenever we switch on our tv or radio we hear multiple incident about it. Some women are coming ahead and talking about it, they are getting justice though this is on a very small scale .But I want to know what exactly is rape? is rape only unlawful sexual activity without consent, or is it much more?

Isn’t it Rape when the wife doesn’t want to have sex with her husband but they have to, just cause that is expected out of them. Sometimes it’s even called as their duty to do so. Do we ever think of what that woman must be going through , the scar that is left on her. Do we think of all the emotions she must be going dealing with, the anger, the hurt. How helpless she must be feeling. And the worst of all, she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it, as there is nothing wrong that has happened to them according to the society. We need to address this as all these emotions will find a way to affect them, by causing behavioral and health issues.
The worst kind is when small
children are being molested and raped, most of the times by their own relatives. Children aren’t even aware of what’s happening with them, and the times when they are aware they are to scared to speak about it, as they worry no one will believe them. This can lead to them having various issues, socially and emotionally. They withdraw themselves from the society, they develop trust issues. It is observed victims of childhood abuse can project this trauma by various tendencies. Such as weight gain. Having multiple sexual partners. Substance abuse. Hence it is important that children who have faced sexual abuse need therapy and healing to try and get over what has happened to them. Healing and therapy can really help these children to lead a normal life in the future. It is also important to discuss this with your children, and teach them about good and bad touch from a young age. Make sure you take something from this article, however uncomfortable this topic is, it should be discussed with your children. So we can make sure these incidents are reduced and we can heal the unfortunate ones that have happened. Thank you .

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