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How To Use Ubtan for Glowing Skin

How To Use Ubtan for Glowing Skin

Get glowing with Ubtan; a skincare ritual that has survived the test of time!

Ubtan, made with a mix of turmeric, saffron, besan (chickpea flour), lemon juice and sandalwood, among other ingredients, has been used for centuries in India for its multiple skin benefits. But by far, the most amazing miracle of ubtan is that it gives your skin a gorgeous, healthy glow.

Turmeric, saffron and sandalwood have been used for centuries to create potent Ayurvedic remedies. Ayurveda lists more than thirty Ubtan recipes and the proportions in which elements must be combined to get the desired results.

Fortunately, today you can get ready-made ubtan in the form of products like Mamaearth body wash for glowing skin, made with Turmeric, Walnut and Saffron. Such products are an easy way to give your skin a natural glow while also thoroughly cleaning it. Kama Ayurveda also offers Ubtan body cleansers packed with vital herbs and minerals to promote healthy and fresh skin.

Here are some effective ways to reap the benefits of Turmeric and Saffron in Ubtan to achieve glowing skin.

Ubtan to cleanse

A 2021 study, published in the Journal of Complementary and Alternative Medical Research, stated that Ubtan effectively cleans and hydrates the skin when Turmeric Root is combined with other beneficial medicinal plants.

Today, natural beauty and healthcare product manufacturers use such ancient knowledge to make these benefits easily accessible for everyone. For instance, Mamaearth body wash for glowing skin is made with Glycerin, which deeply moisturizes the skin and gives it a natural shine, while the Ubtan Body Scrub is made with the powerful duo of Turmeric and Walnut Beads to reverse sun damage for brighter, glowing and healthier skin. You can also use a bathing soap enriched with the power of ubtan to revitalize your skin by exfoliating it naturally and leaving it supple.

Reverse the effects of pollution, grime, and severe weather conditions with an Ubtan face wash that includes natural ingredients to exfoliate dead skin cells, leaving the skin looking rejuvenated and brighter. In addition, an Ubtan face scrub can give you the benefits of antibacterial and antifungal qualities of natural ingredients while also protecting your skin from the sun’s damaging UV rays. You can also buy an Ubtan face mask packed with the goodness of proven natural ingredients for an instant facial skin recharge for a flawless appearance. 

Ubtan to provide nourishment 

When combined with the right ingredients, Ubtan efficiently moisturizes and nourishes the skin. You can achieve deep hydration and bright skin with a light Ubtan moisturizer containing Niacinamide, which helps preserve the skin’s lipid barrier.

After cleansing your skin with an Ubtan body wash, apply an Ubtan body lotion enriched with Kokum Butter, Shea Butter, and Olive Oil to enhance the appearance of dehydrated skin. You can also restore your skin’s radiance with the benefits of Turmeric and Saffron blended in a day cream containing SPF 30 to protect against harsh weather elements.

Applying an Ubtan night cream before you hit the bed can give your skin an additional boost while you rest. Check for ingredients such as Rashbhari, which help combat symptoms of early ageing and improve blood circulation, giving the skin a brighter shine. You could also apply an Ubtan night face mask to repair damaged cells and promote collagen production, leaving you with younger-looking skin.

Ubtan to remove tan

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology assessed the quality and effectiveness of Ubtan as a skincare formula. It was found to be rich in antioxidants while also offering skin brightening benefits.

Allow your skin to revel in the natural benefits of Turmeric, Saffron, and Carrot Seed Oil mixed to create a powerful Ubtan face wash for tan removal. An Ubtan face mask containing Apricot Oil can also restore your skin to its natural glow. The Saffron in the Ubtan helps clear spots while Apricot Oil exfoliates the skin for a brighter and tan-free look. 

An Ubtan bathing soap that contains ingredients like Turmeric, Saffron, along with exfoliating agents, such as Walnut, can remove tanning and make you feel refreshed. You can also use an Ubtan face wash to protect the skin from free radical damage while brightening the skin tone.

A proven tradition

From the ancient royals to today’s commoner, Ubtan has been embraced by Indians from all walks of life for centuries. Its benefits are well proven in giving you glowing, brighter skin. So give your skin the pampering it deserves with Ubtan’s tried and tested goodness.

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