Home Art & Culture Mumbai based renowned Contemporary Artist and Founder La Aartemisia Gallery Sanjukta Barik organised Art Exhibition to raise funds for cancer patients in aid of C PAA , Manju Lodha attends

Mumbai based renowned Contemporary Artist and Founder La Aartemisia Gallery Sanjukta Barik organised Art Exhibition to raise funds for cancer patients in aid of C PAA , Manju Lodha attends



Sanjukta Barik Artist and Founder La Aartemisia Gallery  organised Art Exhibition to raise funds for cancer patients in aid of Cancer Patients Aid Association.The main highlight of this Art Exhibition it was attended by high profile women Entrepreneurs and social Entrepreneurs of Mumbai.Women from different fields Such as Art and Culture, Social attended it supported to Sanjukta Barik..

Her Art show, inaugurated on 19th December 2023, in presence of Chief guest Manju Mangal Prabhat Lodha ( Chairperson Lodha foundation), Ms Raell Padamsee, ( Managing Director & CEO of Ace Academy) Mrs Abha Singh Renowned Lawyer, Human rights Activist, Mrs Alka Sapru Bisen( CEO Cancer Patients Aid Association) Ms Anita Peters ( Executive Director CPAA), Dignitaries, Family and Friends, was a grand success.

”  I have tried to emphasise the beauty and importance of Nature and the tearing need to attend to the wake up call, to save mother earth. The need to grow more trees and in turn promote healthy living.
The many paintings in different hues focus on the beauty of the many beautiful seasons we witness due to existence of Nature “, Said Sanjukta Barik.

She further says, This Exhibition of paintings throws light on the crying need to focus on the Environment, through the focus on the beauty of Nature and if we do not wake up to this cause, we will soon loose it. And it would just be a memory.
How the destruction of Nature is indirectly related to rise in deadly diseases such as Cancer and other life threatening illnesses leading to millions perishing.
Through this Art Exhibition, the artist hopes to create awareness amongst the viewers. And raise funds for the treatment of children battling Cancer.

Eminent Guests and Dignitaries expressed their views about this Exhibition 

Manju Lodha, Chairperson Lodha Foundation shared her views about Sanjukta’s work and contribution to the society. She said that,
Sanjukta is doing great job for cancer patients.Time has come to support each other.
Sanjukta I am very impressed with you and I must congratulate Sanjukta for her great work.

Rael Padamsee, Managing Director and CEO Of Ace Academy, had to say about Sanjukta,
So lovely to see all creative art.through this exhibition she managed treatment for so many cancer patients survivors. i am happy to be associated with Sanjukta.

Abha Singh, Renowned Lawyer and Human rights activist share her views about Sanjukta and her paintings.
Very beautiful paintings Sanjukta, She is doing selfless service and is doing great job i must congratulate to sanjukta
I always enjoy work for women empowerment and Sanjukta has come to farward to support cancer patients
I appeal to all women let’s join hands together to bring some changes in the society.

Sanjukta feels that Cancer is a dreaded disease spreading like wild fire across all strata of the society, stripping the affected to their last penny. What she has contributed to this cause through her art has been just a drop in the mighty ocean, but every drop counts. A lot needs to be done in the future.
One has to go beyond and reach out to the needy.

Art exhibition, titled,
Being held at the
Worli, Mumbai
From 19th Dec 2023 to 25th Dec 2023

Brief Introduction Sanjukta Arun :

Sanjukta Arun is a Renowned Contemporary Artist based in Mumbai. She is a Curator .And Founder Director of La Aartemisia Pvt Ltd. She has an MBA in Sales & Marketing and Dip in International business.
After a short stint in the Corporate sector, Sanjukta took to her inner calling and surrendered herself to Art, about 29 yrs back and made it her profession.
She has carved a niche for herself in the art industry. . She has trained extensively in Art. She has held over 75 exhibitions, both in India and overseas With 26 Solo shows, to her credit. Also 5 Online Solo shows.
She was invited to showcase with Mojarto, an NDTV Venture.
She also curates high profile Art shows. And works with most senior artists.
She works extensively for the benefit of Cancer Braveheart and Children with special needs.She also conducts Art Therapy workshops with Corporates.






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