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Iconic Fitness Brand Gold’s Gym


By Aleem Shaikh

Iconic Fitness Brand Gold’s Gym, India CELEBRATES its 15th Anniversary with the Launch of an Intriguing Music Video.

The year 2017 marks the 15th Anniversary of Gold’s Gym India, On the occasion of the anniversary celebration and keeping up with its endeavor to take the Fitness Movement forward, the Brand is coming up with an exciting music video called as “The Gym Song” featuring Terence Lewis and Ishq Bector. Gold’s Gym since its inception in 2002 has taken an oath to spread Fitness to every nook and corner of India #MakingIndiaFit.

In these glorious 15 years Gold’s Gym has cut out for itself 125+ gyms in India across 80+ cities and a few more ready to start in the near future. With multiple awards for excellence under its belt, Gold’s Gym has expanded its fitness profile to offer all of the latest equipment and services making it the best in the industry. With certified trainers and nutritional counseling, Gold’s Gym provides a comprehensive approach to the health and wellbeing of its members. Gold’s Gym lives up to its reputation to give results. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone or add muscle, build strength, increase flexibility or improve your cardiovascular health, only Gold’s Gym has the atmosphere and experience you need.

Gold’s Gym has become the preferred gym of celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, Corporate head Honchos and fitness enthusiasts of varied age groups all over the world and continues to change lives by helping people achieve their individual potential. It has been an eventful 15 years of shaping lives along with the growth of the business and We Keep Getting Stronger.

Gold’s Gym believes that fitness is not just about toned abs rather it is to increase the power to overcome all the obstacles. More so, fitness is a total holistic development of mind, body and soul.

Ms. Shraddha Sheth the VP sales, operations & Marketing said “Its an exhilarating experience stepping into the fifteenth year of Gold’s Gym, The Brand has grown exponentially and with each passing year we feel proud of the immense faith that our members have shown in us and hope that this faith keeps growing and motivating us in our revolution towards the new aspect of fitness”

Mr. Valecha, Director and founder Gold’s Gym India adds “We are all very excited about the Music Video and associating with Mr. Terrence Lewis and Mr. Ishq Bector. This is something that has never been done before and it takes commitment towards fitness to a new level.

Famous hip-hop artist & singer Ishq Bector who has written, composed as well as rendered his voice to the song that we believe will be a trendsetter not only for the fitness enthusiasts but will attract youth and will become the most foot tapping number of the year attracting audience everywhere.

Mr. Terence Lewis, renowned & internationally acclaimed choreographer who is also one of our loyal members was thrilled to be part of his video. He is an ardent fitness enthusiast who has himself experience an astounding transformation which he will share at the music launch. His genuine advocacy of fitness and endless support to our efforts to make the nation fit made this collaboration the best fit. We hope “The Gym Song” is loved  and inspires the nation to work out and stay fit.”


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