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Importance of Inner Child Therapy by Manisha Agarwal

Importance of Inner Child Therapy by Manisha Agarwal

Our inner child is a real part of our sub-conscious mind. A wounded child needs our love, care and compassion. Inner child therapy is been developed to heal this wounded inner child and to discuss more on this topic , today once again we have Manisha Agarwal with us.

Manishaji, we all have inner child, but how many of us remember to connect or speak with it?

When we are connected to our innerchild, we feel excited, happy and inspired by life. When we are disconnected and hurt we feel bored, unhappy and lethargic. During our childhood days we were not allowed to show strong emotions, criticized on our regular basis, bitten, not given physical affection, also not allowed to voice our opinion, etc.

These thing lives a deep impact on a person on their adulthood. In a way we all are influenced by our environment since the time we were in our mother’s womb. From that time our innerchild has stored those memories and has impact on us. Sexual abuse during childhood by any known or unknown people lives deep scars on their rest of the life. These kinds of abuses can create diseases in a person life for example, amnesia, false memory syndrome, borderline personality disorder and facing difficulties in trusting as well as has fear of intimacy.

How to identify that an individual have a wounded inner child?

Gaytri, there are many symptoms that can be seen in the person, for example
Person will be a people’s pleasure and tend to lack a strong identity
Person might feel guilty standing up for themselves
Person will constantly criticize themselves for being inadequate
Person will feel ashamed for expressing strong emotions such as anger and sadness
Person has the deepest fear for being abandoned and will do anything to hold on a relationship
Person never feels close to any of their parents
Person might have some kind of addiction
Person might be rebellious and feel alive when he/she is in conflict with others

Please tell us what can be done to help our this inner child?
We can learn how to meet this wounded child who still lives deep inside us. After all we are the only person who can help to heal by doing little thing such as;
Remind yourself how special and wonderful you were as child
Be sure to tell your inner child that she/he doesn’t have to prove herself/himself to anyone
She/he has nothing to feel guilty or ashamed about whatever happened was her/his fault.
She/he doesn’t deserve to be treated badly
There is nothing wrong with her/him. Tell them how proud you are of them
Tell your inner child that you are her/his guardian, champion and protector from now on. Things will be OK and you will never let her/him come to any harm

Well, connecting to our inner child will give us much joy and confidence. Thank you Manishaji for throwing light on such an important therapy. You can also take guidance from Manishaji and contact her on a given number below. You can also share us the topic which you want us to cover in our next discussion through email. To end with, we will come once again on Saturday and will discuss briefly on another interesting subject.

please feel free to email Manishaji on manishatarrot@gmail.com.
You can also contact her on 9867148399.

News report by : Gayatri Sardana.


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