Home Business MBA Pass Out Turn His Love For Ice-Cream Into Business

MBA Pass Out Turn His Love For Ice-Cream Into Business

MBA Pass Out Turn His Love For Ice-Cream Into Business

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MBA Pass out turn his love for ice-cream into business
Mumbai : Somnath Deepak, a young MBA pass out from Andhra Pradesh(AP), wanted to do something different in life, rather than join MNC or his family agriculture trade business. He wanted to make something of his own. That is why Somnath turned his love for ice-cream into a successful venture Gelato World. In 2020 he started one of its kin ice cream outlet in Nellore which serves only 100% natural ice creams which are free of any kind of artificial colors, flavors and food preservatives.

In these last 2 years the brand has received positive responses from Nellore and is progressing with word of mouth publicity.

Somnath said that Deccani food is always known for its delicious biryani, but very few people know that Deccani food has a rich sweet side to it also. In Nizam time’s natural pot Ice-cream was very popular in AP. But as the big companies came into the market these natural pots ice cream lost its ground and became extinct.

But nowadays people are getting aware of the harmful effect of artificial food preservatives and synthetic flavors which popular ice cream companies tend to use in their products. That is why many people are turning to Gelato World for healthier choices, added Somnath Deepak. Currently the outlet serves more than 15 natural flavours which includes Kaaju Jaggery, Mamidi Tandra (Mango), Sitaphal, Jackfruit and Sapota.

Somnath also informed us that we use all natural and best ingredients for our ice cream. We do not compromise on our ingredients. That is why the taste and texture of the ice cream remains the same.

Somnath Deepak wants to extend his ice-cream reach more. That is why he is offering franchise ones the covid 19 ends and the market becomes normal. Many venture capital firms have shown interest in his unique startup.


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