Home Health & Fitness MedScapeIndia with Chhota Bheem inspires Fit India for the kids

MedScapeIndia with Chhota Bheem inspires Fit India for the kids

MedScapeIndia with Chhota Bheem inspires Fit India for the kids

Today’s life when children go to school, every school is facing issue that kids are entering in school as lethargic, inactive & at time sleepy in the class due to new lifestyle of junk food, no physical activity & gadget dependency which is indirectly creating obesity & disinterest in academy , as due to western culture has empowered in India.

MedScapeIndia has come up with the unique initiative to not only become fit & healthy but to inspire kids to participate in the first aid training program to save a life with CPR.In India, one person dies of the heart attack every 33 seconds. Heart disease is a leading cause of deaths in India. Where with this training program even children can become the helping hand. MedScapeIndia joins hands with Chhota Bheem to inspire every kid in the country to be Fit & Healthy & request every school to teach their children first aid training to save life around.

MedScapeIndia invites every school children & government to integrate First Aid training program from 2nd standard till the college to contribute to emergency handling immediately before transferring to the hospital. Training will include CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation). It refers to the life-saving technique applied during emergencies. Most often, this is applied to people who are collapsing due to a near-drowning or heart attack incidents, accident situation managing, handling bleeding control & much more.This movement will start with schools in Mumbai where Principal & school children participating enthusiastically. In this movement every child has given task to teach First Aid (CPR Training) to 20 classmates with the help of teacher, whoever completing the task teaching 20 people in coming months, will awarded with “Save Life Star Certificate”& school also will get recognize for encouraging teacher & children for this national movement.

Dr. Sunita Dube Chairperson MedscapeIndia says, “This is a unique initiative where kids after participation in this movement, not only become Fit & Healthy but also a Lifesaver by learning the techniques of First Aid and help the nation. So, we are looking forward to partnering and support from Corporates through CSR, Government, Celebrities Medical Fraternity and  Individuals to join hands in this National Movement- Fit India.”

Fit India Movement for Kids promotes Healthy lifestyle habits, including healthy eating & outdoor physical activity, can lower the risk of becoming obese,lethargic & developing related diseases. Also, families, communities, schools, child care settings, medical care providers, faith- based institutions, government agencies & other institutions of likes should be equally concerned & act responsibly towards childhood obesity.


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