Meet Kolkata based Subrata Banerjee Astrologer of the year 2024 whose 62 Predictions Come true, list of the predictions here

Meet Kolkata based  Subrata Banerjee Astrologer of the year 2024 whose 62 Predictions Come true, list of the predictions here


Wish you a very Happy New Year !

On the Occasion of New year we are introducing before you word famous Astrologer whose almost 68 To 72 Predictions come true yes we are talking about Subrata Banerjee Kolkata based Astrologer.So guys don’t waste your time and read on this special Article in which all predictions details are available.

Hello Mumbai News: Could you introduce yourself for our readers?

Subrata Banerjee : Yes sure, I am Subrata Banerjee, an astrologer, a motivator and an author. Its difficult to really say things about one’s own self. A lot of people have different ideas about the person I am, but I call myself an astrologer, a motivator, and a bridge between man and God. As an astrologer, I do make predictions, but what I target is motivating each and every individual to cultivate that power inside to find success in life.
Hello Mumbai News: Could you share few predictions for your which coming became true?
Subrata Banerjee : Till date I did more than 72 national and international predictions more than 68th prediction come true. here all my predictions.
27 th March 2009. Live show at channel vision (Kolkata)
Congress party will win next parliament election and form Government. (occurred on 16th may 2009)
Kolkata knight Rider will not get success this year, may win 3 or 4 match in IPL 3.
16th May live Show at 7AM Sahara Samay (Mumbai)
Congress Party will win and achieve more than 180 seats
. 2. NCP & Congress will win at next assembly election in Maharashtra. 3.Dawood Ibrahim cannot be brought back to India. (Failed) 4.My name is khan will not get success as like OM SANTI OM due to name and face problems.
04 July 2009 Live TV show
Mumbai is safe for this year but South, WB, Bihar, Assam may face Political & Bomb Explosion related problems.
Now, everybody has come to know what came to happen in recent times, YSR (chief minister Andhra) had a sad accidental end. (Occurred in September 2009.) Political problems /Naxal problems has attained a dangerous level in WB recently Bomb Explosion in Assam (Occurred mid of Nov 2009).
31 July Live TV show
Share market will overcome the recent crisis &Sensex will cross the level of 17000/18000. within 6mth. ie January 2010.
Indian Reality market will improve after13 oct 2009
Worldwide recession will end after 13 Oct. 2009
This year 2009 may not be that good for Mumbai film industries.
27 April 2010, PressInterview.NEWGLOBALINDIA Magazine
Nitish Kumar will continue to serve Bihar as the CM after the 2010 assemble election there.
India’s GDP would cross its 8.2% benchmark in 2010.
India will become a super power by 2012.
4 Nov 2010 Live TV Show at Calcutta. (R plus channel)
West Bengal Government will be changed after assembly election in April 2011.
Opposition Parties will get more than 198 seats.
NDA will win in Bihar assemble election in 2010.
There will no big train mishap till feb 2011 (winter).
India may not get ICC cricket World Cup to be held this year 2011.    (Failed)
BSE Sensex will cross 21,000 within 1 month time in Nov 2010.
This is good time for Bengali & Bhojpuri film industries.2011 is good year for Regional Movies
Now everybody knows
Bengali Movie MANER MANU win Awarded in Canne fastival. Nitish Kumar is Ruling in Bihar. BSE Sensex c rossed 21.000. within next 10days.
18 January 2011 TV Show at ATN BANGLA (Bangladesh, Dhaka ) 1. 1, CRICKET WORLD CUP NO ASIAN COUNTRIES WILL GET 2011. (failed).
2. Bangladesh will play better than last world cup. (coming true)
4th February 2011 Now new prediction in Facebook and twitter ……..
SouravGanguly will not play in IPL 4 . He will get strong position in BCCI or ICC.
Shah Rukh Khan will fall sick due to injury this year within march 2011 to july2011, so he should take care of his health.(coming true).
11th February 2011 Now new prediction in facebook and twitter ……..
After 31 /08/2011 Dubai recession will come to an end. (coming true)
New  investment will start in Dubai within 25/02/2012. (coming true)
Indian actress Aishwariyaraibacchan will become a mother  within  March 2012.
LalitModi will come back to his old Status as far as cricket administration is concerned.
Barack Obama will not return as president of USA in the Next US election. (failed)
Sheikh Hasina’s Party Awami League of Bangladesh will continue to be in power next election in 2014. (coming true)
19thMay 2012. (Twitter). Shree Pronob Mukherjee can be the next PM/president of our country. (coming true)
27th March 2014. ( KHALEEJ TIMES .UAE) 1. NarendraModi ,whould be next PM of INDIA 2014. (coming true) 2. TMC will win 33 plus seats. ( got 34 seats) 3. AAM party to win only upto 4seats ( got 4 seats)
14THapril 2015. Natural disasterwillbe in Chennai within 28th NOV. (Result Chennai was flooded).
2nd NOV 2015.( Hellow Mumbai)/ 17 March 2017 IN24 news live). 1.The planetary position indicates neither the Adwani or Murlimonohorjoshi cannot be the the president nor SriPronab Mukherjee will be reelected. 2. Next President will come from south or western india and (possibilities)of woman.
11feb 2016( Hello Mumbai).Mamata Banerjee to come back as CM of Bengal.( coming true)
11TH JANUARY 2016. (Hello Mumbai). Within 14/07/2015 to 24/01/2020 Dawood will back in India.
12th April 2016. (twitter/fb) 1. Gujaratpresent CM (Anandi ben) loss her Power as CM. very soon.( coming true within 3 months).2. GST bill pass within Aug 2016 (passed 4thaug 2016).( coming true)
4th MAY 2016. (Twitter)David Cameron is likely to continue his Position. (Before PM election in Uk)(coming true)
4th August 2016.( Twitter/fb)Lesser chance for Donald trump to win the president election (failed).
12th April 2016( Mumbaiglobal ). MamataBanerjee and smt Jayalalithaa will come back in power as a CM.( coming true)
16TH April. Nitishkumar may join in NDA in 2017/2018.
24thjuly 2016. (twitter/fb) NDA will win in 2019 general election, NorendraModi will be again PM.
24thjuly 2016. UKwill face huge financial problems . (resultBexit)(coming true)
14th August 2016.Within 18/9/2916 to 12/07/2017, India will become Member to the NSG.
16.Sep 2016.( In 24 News). Nitishkumar will join in NDA.Mayawati (failed), BJP alliance will come in power UP 2017. (True)
19 November 2015. (Hello Mumbai)Announced the break up of BJP with Shiv Sena on 25th January, 2017. (true in BMC) The same took place on the said date.
6th February,2017. Shiv Sena to be No.1 in the BMC Election with 81+ – 4 seats. Shiv Sena got 84 seats.
12 feb 2017. 1.BJP will come in power Uttrakhand, Goa, UP.(true). 2.Punjab will be hang.( failed). Congress allies will get more seats and than NDA, and rules .(true) 3.Congress Party will do better than BJP (true). Will come back in Manipur.(failed) 10 April .Le Pen will be Next president of French (failed).
June 2017 : England prime minister Theresa merry will lose her position .
18th April 2019
And Bangladesh prime minister Sekh Hasina and Narendra modi will return to power.

Hello Mumbai News: Is Astrology a science? Why did you choose astrology over others?

Subrata Banerjee : Definitely, bcz I’m proved that by my prediction as science do. As science proved everything with a proper logic so as astrology have also different logic for different prediction. I have already given few proved very last quest.
Eager to learn with interest then feel my passion on it and at last I took it as a professionally.

Hello Mumbai News: How important is it too aware of it? What services do you offer to help your clients?

Hello Mumbai News:  what got you interested in astrology and when did you make it your profession?

Subrata Banerjee : Its infinite depth was growing my interest. it’s a never ending learn.
When I feel that I can help people with this. I made it my profession.

Hello Mumbai News : How can we use astrology to have a better life/ make money/ success in our career?

Subrata Banerjee : is all about prediction with proof, and self believe. It’s for future awareness for better life, better money, success. It will help you to what to do or not to do. You need to believe on it as you believe on God. Its help you to overcome your problems and make life smooth.

Hello Mumbai News : What are the various branches of astrology that you practice?
Subrata Banerjee : health astrology, vastu shastra, past life therapy, dream analysis.

Hello Mumbai News How does you feel to be best astrologer in India?
Subrata Banerjee : All proved that given make me confident enough to believe that be a best astrologer in India and outer too…

Hello Mumbai News: What is your advice to young astrologers or people who want to study Vedic Science? In your opinion what is the one thing that most people don’t really know about astrology?
Subrata Banerjee : At first you should be confident enough that they can be good astrologer as per their birth chart. When they will be practicing about prediction of someone should notice that 6no., 8no, or 12no laghna are not running in their life. For example, if you have aries then don’t judge the sign of Virgo or scorpio. There is possibility to misprediction or misguide. One more thing always remembered that prediction should be done by cool mind and neutrally.

Hello Mumbai News : How to connect with you for consultation? Does astrology really impact a person’s life?
Subrata Banerjee :: personally, or by mobile or by mail for appointment.
Yes, as I have already said and gave some examples.

Hello Mumbai News : What is the truth about astrology that you think people should know?

Hello Mumbai News :   Are you happy choosing astrology as a career? Do you have favourite sign?
Subrata Banerjee : : Yes absolutely. I love to helping people with it. When someone get positive result from my advice I thing it is the success.

Hello Mumbai News : Is it possible to predict anything and everything?
Subrata Banerjee : have already given you some examples. More are attached.

Hello Mumbai News : What are the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra, and how does in impact the energy of a living or Working space?
Subrata Banerjee : : Absolutely vastu shastra are very important for living place or work space. Every single direction brings some values for life. Single mistake can bring negative energy or negative impact in life. Every thing should be done in proper way, proper direction and also right place as well. Better not to ignore it if want to make life smooth and happy.






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