Home Health & Fitness Meet London based Kalpana Doshi a certified Laughter Yoga practitioner ,Shares her Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet London based Kalpana Doshi a certified Laughter Yoga practitioner ,Shares her Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

Meet London based Kalpana Doshi  a certified Laughter Yoga practitioner ,Shares her Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

We will meet in heaven
By Kalpana Doshi
Over the years I have lost several people dear to me however their passing has impacted me in very different ways.

My first experience of death was of my first infatuation/love. We met in Sunday school and I was extremely fond of him. At the age of 17, I left Kenya to come to London. He visited once and we met briefly. We were too young and shy to talk openly and honestly about our feelings. He returned to Kenya and we never spoke again.

He married and had children but then suddenly died in a terrible car crash at a very young age. I cried and mourned for the tragedy of his short-lived life for many years. Soon after, while I was still quite young, I lost both my grandparents. I don’t recall feeling the same strong emotions I had done previously with my friend. I was sad but this felt more like the natural order of life as they were both elderly and unwell.

However, about a decade ago, I lost both of my parents within months of each other and it crippled me emotionally. I had months of bereavement counselling and ended up taking antidepressants for nearly 3 years. I found their passing particularly difficult as I had only just rebuilt my relationship with them a few years earlier. They had disowned me when I married someone they didn’t want me to spend my life with, so we had not spoken for years.

I coped with their loss by talking to everyone who knew them. I kept reassuring myself that I had spent a few wonderful years with them in their last stages doing the things they loved and had been able to fulfil their last wishes. My dad had always wanted to see the pyramids and the Dead Sea. So, when he was 79, we had made a fantastic trip to Egypt and Jordan. We stayed overlooking the Nile, visited the pink city of Petra and he even managed to realise his dream of taking a dip in the Dead Sea. I also took my mum to her spiritual haven in Gujarat where she met her Guru. This was heaven on earth for her. Until today I cherish and live with those memories.

In addition to this, I have also lost both of my ex-husbands. The first one died age 62 after a stroke and the second one (father to my daughter) passed away at the young age of 51 after suffering from lung cancer for 3 years.

Experiencing so much grief and bereavement has made me a different person. Today I live each day as it comes, make the most of it and try to make others happy. I don’t take anything for granted and am grateful for every little thing I experience. Spiritual practice, personal development, a full-time job, family and friends keep me living life to the full. Every day is about creating another special memory, helping someone, making someone’s day, having fun and living my purpose.

I trained as a laughter yoga leader 7 years ago and practice it in old people’s homes, community centres, and corporate team building events. For me living a life of service and contribution has been the answer. Whenever you help others, you automatically and naturally feel better, so this is now my life purpose. To make as much difference as possible to as many people as I can.

I miss you all so much. We will meet in heaven one day.

Kalpana Doshi Laughter Yoga Biography

Kalpana Doshi is a certified Laughter Yoga practitioner based in London, with more than eight years of experience across the UK and internationally. She received her qualification in 2012 from the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga and has since worked with corporate clients, community centres, old people’s homes, voluntary organisations, private individuals, charities, health and wellbeing retreats and exclusive social events.

Examples of highlight events in which Kalpana has led Laughter Yoga sessions include Diwali in Trafalgar Square (2019), Zee London Mela (2019), Corona Energy (2019), Haberdasher Aske’s Girls School (2020), Karuna Manor Care Home (2019) and Mantra Therapy/ Urban Spirituality’s wellbeing retreat in Tuscany (2018). Kalpana is purpose driven and uses Laughter Yoga as a tool to help people improve their mental health and well being, as well as companies to reduce workplace stress, encourage team bonding and create a happy and energetic workforce. As the saying goes, “laughter is the best medicine”, and engagement with Laughter Yoga as a practice is fast sweeping the world, becoming a global phenomenon that is being successfully practiced in over 120 countries.

As well as Laughter Yoga, Kalpana’s sessions also include guided meditation and breathing exercises. Kalpana was a voluntary teacher at a Saturday spiritual school for seven years and has a certificate in Education in Human Values.

In these particularly difficult times, Kalpana has been hosting sessions on Zoom for 100+ participants of all ages, to keep morale high, lift spirits and bring communities together.

For further information and enquiries please contact [email protected] or 07958234338.

News Input by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello Mumbai News 


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