Home Health & Fitness Meet Surat Based Dr. Tulsi Jethwani who shares important tips about Covid-19 with Hello Mumbai News.

Meet Surat Based Dr. Tulsi Jethwani who shares important tips about Covid-19 with Hello Mumbai News.

Meet Surat Based Dr. Tulsi Jethwani who shares important  tips about Covid-19 with Hello Mumbai News.

Meet Surat Based Dr. Tulsi Jethwani who shares some tips about Covid-19 with Hello Mumbai News.

Janvi Panjwani HM Correspondent rope in an exclusive interview with Dr. Tulsi Jethwani.

Dr. Tulsi Jethwani has done his studies in MBA from J.L.N college in Ajmer. He has done general practice 7-8 year’s in Ajmer.
In the year 1989, he came to Surat and had joined a company named
“Essar Steel Hazira” in which he was a Cheif Medical Officer and worked there 10 year’s.
Also, from the year 2000 till now he has his own clinic named as “Tulsi Clinic”.


Excerpts of the interview :-

Janvi :- Hello ! Welcome to Hello Mumbai News. At Present what is the current scenario of Corona cases in Surat ?
Dr. Tulsi Jethwani:- Hello ! Thank you.
At present, the Corona cases here in Surat is rising very steadily. First it used to come 100-200 cases per day but now at present there are 2500 new corona cases per day.
Also, the death rate has also been increased. At first, hardly 1-2 deaths were happening but today there are 27-28 death’s happening per day.

Janvi:- And what about the recovery status of the patients ?
Dr Tulsi Jethwani:- Yes, the recovery rates are good. 1,000 patients are recovering per day. But, sadly we can see the death rates among the young generation especially of 30-50 year’s old.

Janvi :- Alright sir! But how you differentiate between a normal patient with no Symptoms VS a corona patient?
Tulsi Jethwani:- If the patient says that he/she is suffering from normal cough and cold and nothing more serious then I feel the patient is having a normal cough and cold .
But, if the patient is telling that there is a severe headache or weakness or body pain and tells about their family status for having covid or they tell that there is a case in my building/apartment then, I identify that this patient is a Corona patient and I immediately send them to do “Rapid Antigen Test” in which within 2 minutes the reports comes out and this test is done in free.
If someone is positive after getting the reports then they get their respective medicines there only itself near the “Rapid Antigen Test ” Centers.

Janvi:- What Safety measures do you take while handling Corona Patients?
Dr. Tulsi Jethwani:- I wear my mask with a head shield and sanitize my hands after every patient visits. But, if there are 2-3 Patients I wash my hands with soap.

Janvi:- What remedies should Covid-19 patients do at home so they get well soon ?
Dr.Tulsi Jethwani:- We can prevent the disease by doing Pranayam(Yoga mainly for lungs). Pranayam is very good as it makes human lungs very strong and Covid-19 mainly attacks on lungs.
And secondly, for making the immune system Strong, you can drink Kaada which is very beneficial.
By eating nutrients,fresh food, drinking water there is hardly a chance you will get Covid-19.
You can even take normal medicines from Pharma shops to prevent it.

Janvi:- Many people are scared from Covid-19. What message do you want to give the audience ?
Dr.Tulsi Jethwani:- No! People should not be afraid of Covid because if you are scared then it will mainly affect your immune system by decreasing it.
By taking stress also many people decrease their immunity.

Janvi:- Many people are being afraid from Corona Vaccine, what message do you want to share with the people ?
Dr.Tulsi Jethwani:- No, you all should not be afraid of the vaccine. It’s like an umbrella who saves you from sun and rain. And this vaccine will save you from virus. There is no danger of life from this vaccine.
If some people who are having allergies they can face some minor problems like fever or body pain but then at last they will be fine. So vaccine is must for everyone.

So, this is Tulsi Jethwani a Corona Warrior who saved many lives from Covid 19.

File picture of Surat based doctor Tulsi Jethwani a Corona Warrior.



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