Mumbai based artist Sangeeta Babani makes her film foray with preview of short film Alfaaz at Otters Club renowned lyricist Javed Akhtar attends



    Bharathi Pradhan, Sangeeta Babani and Javed Akhtar at the preview of Alfaaz at Otters Club.

    Acclaimed artist Sangeeta Babani made her film foray with the preview of her short film Alfaaz previewed at Otters Club on Carter Road, Bandra. Produced by Vamos Entertainment Production, directed by Thomas A Xavier, it is distributed by Pocket Films and will be screened on its platform on YouTube on August 14 at 5 pm.
    Guests sat glued to the big screen as the film with its beautiful blend of art and poetry unfolded before their eyes. It was a visual journey that they traversed with the filmmaker as they soaked in the imagery and imbibed the sound of Urdu, like sweet music to the ear. What was featured was an imagination-driven to-and-fro journey between an artist and a famous poet.
    Later, famed poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar and film columnist and author Bharathi Pradhan were in conversation with Sangeeta Babani and the audience, too, had their share of words, all praising the labour of love and commitment to the craft in the making of the film. And still later it was time for cheer and camaraderie over chilled wine (from York), hot samosas (the snack of the season!) and more.

    Javed Akhtar Graces Sangeeta Babani’s Alfaaz Screening

    Ace artist Sangeeta Babani is known for her contemporary and figurative artworks. Sangeeta has showcased her works the world-over, with exhibitions in India, London, Paris, Dubai et al. Her 18 feet installation titled ‘The Lost Art’ created waves across the globe. She was also awarded for her contemporary work in Paris in the year 2017.

    Interestingly, Sangeeta is also a pioneer of sorts! She was amongst the first to paint on cars, and now, she has come up with the first-ever short film on Art. Conceptualised by Sangeeta herself, _Alfaaz_ is an imagination-driven short film that showcases the to and fro between an artist and a famous poet. Illustrated with Urdu poetry, _Alfaaz_ is shot in Mumbai, against the backdrop of Sangeeta’s colourful and vibrant artworks. In a first, Sangeeta has also acted in the film that is directed by Thomas A. Xavier.

    Dignitaries from the entertainment and political worlds converged at Otters Club, Bandra West, where a special screening of Alfaaz was held recently. Acclaimed poet, lyricist and screenwriter Javed Akhtar and renowned film critic Bharathi Pradhan were the Chief Guests at the do. The soiree also witnessed a talk between Javed Akhtar and Sangeeta Babani, moderated by Bharathi Pradhan. Politicians Asif Bhamla and Asif Zakaria, educationist Vandana Lulla, designer Renu Chopra and social activist Anurag Chauhan were also present. Sangeeta’s family – husband Rajendra Babani, children Yash and Vinti, and her friends expressed their support and cheered her on.

    “My tryst with Art is a long-standing one. As an artist, I am absolutely thrilled to be able to bring _Alfaaz_ to the world as I feel Art is not confined to paintings alone. Art refers to any form of creative expression. I am glad and grateful that everyone who joined us liked and appreciated the film,” Sangeeta imparted.

    Distributed by Pocket Films, produced by Vamos Entertainment Production, yours is to watch _Alfaaz_, a film by Sangeeta Babani, that premieres on the Pocket Films platform on YouTube this 14th August at 5 pm.



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