Home Art & Culture Mumbai: Bengalis of Mumbai Kandivli celebrate Spring amongst Color and Music Riot

Mumbai: Bengalis of Mumbai Kandivli celebrate Spring amongst Color and Music Riot

Mumbai: Bengalis of Mumbai Kandivli celebrate Spring amongst Color and Music Riot

Mumbai: Bengalis celebrate “Basontotsav” on the occasion of Holi or what they call in Bengali as ” Dol Utsav”. The beautiful colors of nature during this season is blended with the ‘festival of colors and naturally brings in a feel good feeling. The season of Spring associates itself with love and so “Basontotsav” means celebration of Spring, celebration of Holi – celebration of love.

It is celebrated with much pomp and grandeur at Tagore’s Shantiniketan and other parts of Bengal . This celebration focuses on music ..songs and dance, playing with different colors of abir from red, pink, yellow, green .blue and exchange of Best Wishes.

With the advent of Spring, Bengalis of Kandivli Region, Mumbai, celebrated “Basontotsav” ( which means celebration of spring) on Saturday 22nd February 2020, evening in an absolute homely ambience,and the spirit was no less. All dressed in yellow and green , the colors of spring added vibrance to the colorful ambience that was filled with love and warmth. The Programme started with “Bosonto eshe gache” ( which means arrival of spring), a song from the Bengali movie ” Chatushkon”; ” Bosonto Eshe Gache” being the Title of the Programme also, by Sarbani Acharya and then moved on to Tagore Songs. The aura of Tagore songs on spring was started by 7 year old Adrisha with her stunning performance ” Ore grihabashi khol dwar khol” and then the saga continued with a number of popular songs sung by various known and hidden talents. Duet performance by Mrs Saktimoyee Sarkar at the age of seventy one and her daughter Mrs Sudeshna Ghoshal needs special mention that shows the spirit and the love for Bengali Culture.

There wasn’t only Tagore songs , the celebration continued from classical to modern or film songs old and new. There was no restriction on language or nature of songs so long as they were related to the theme, “spring “; and hence there was a tinge of hindi film songs too . ” Aaj na chodenge ” from the film Kati Patang by Mr Somesh Majumdar, changed the mood . The entire group joined with Sharmila Banerjee’s “Rangabarse”, which added a special flavor to the programme. Other star performers of the evening were Munmun Chakravarty, Munmun Chatterjee, Sulochona Majumdar, Mary Banerjee, Monali Pattanayak, Anindyo Acharya, Debojyoti Biswas. Kasturi Das’s dance performances with Tagore songs like “Aaji Dakhino Duar Khola” and ” Bosonte Phool Ganthlo” mesmerized all .

Recitation by Mrs Poulomi N Biswas and Mr Jishu Mitra were soothing to the years and satisfaction to the soul. Poulomi and Debojyoti’s story telling session touched everyone’s heart and became the highlight of the evening.

When asked about the evening’s programme to Mrs Susmita Basu , who was among the audience, she described this story telling session as ” icing on the cake”. The programme was designed and anchored by Debjani Basu Mullick.

Participation of three generations made the evening even more special. The music, the colors, the flowers all blended together with the special spice called love added to it made the celebration ” Bosonto Eshe Gache”, a success. No celebration is complete without food and specially so for the Bengalis. Hence there was arrangement for some snacks and sweets too , not to forget the thandai, the mandatory item of the Holi celebration. The celebration was done well in advance and they look forward to a safe and Happy Holi.

News Input : Debjani Basu Mullick


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