Mumbai: Delphic Council Of Maharashtra Executive Board Members Accord Warm Welcome to Bijender Goel as Prez of Indian Delphic Council



    Hello Mumbai City Desk :

    Delphic Council of Maharashtra Executive Board Members accorded a warm welcome to Bijender Goel, as President of Indian Delphic Council on his first visit to Maharashtra for the Delphic Meeting.

    This meeting turned out to be a a huge success and added color with the personal presence of Sahil Seth IRS, Avi Mittal, Pranitaa Pandit, Rachna Puri, Ali Akbar Sultan Ahmed, Inderjeet Singh Rathore, Soumini Sridhara Paul, Bina Aziz, Amita Pandit Bhatt, Sulaiman Merchant, Mickey Mehta, Vinay Aggarwal, Suresh Thomas, Rajveer Rohit Kaushik, Amit Kapoor, Nivedita Basu.

    Artistes drawn from across Maharashtra presented various art forms showcasing the Vision of Delphic Council of Maharashtra.

    Maharashtra is gifted with a rich heritage of Arts and Culture.
    The Delphic Movement and the State Council of Delphic Maharashtra bring prestigious platform to further encourage and preserve this heritage.

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