Home Art & Culture Mumbai : How to deal with Fear Anxiety in Fearful time Regression Therapist and tarot card reader Manisha Agarwal will guide you

Mumbai : How to deal with Fear Anxiety in Fearful time Regression Therapist and tarot card reader Manisha Agarwal will guide you

Mumbai :  How to deal with Fear Anxiety in Fearful time Regression Therapist and tarot card reader Manisha Agarwal will guide you

Charlie Brown once said I have developed a new philosophy, I only dread one day at a time.

In this time of standstill, although you are not allowed to go out due to a lockdown, nothing can stop your mind from going days into the future and worrying about all the things that could go wrong.  The overload of messages on social media and the animated news challens do not make it any easier.  Everyone is only talking about coronavirus, recession and the loss and inconveniences that it has led us to.  In these circumstances, it is very difficult, not to fall into the hands of insecurity, fear and anxiety.  Now, it isn’t that we have never been faced with insecurities before.  Our ancestors have been put through grilling times for survival and adaptation.  If you were to look back at your own life, your very first step into this world was a challenge.  Remember when you first started walking?  You often fell and chances were that you could be badly hurt, but you survived.  All through your life, you have had experiences that have left you wondering, what next!  But from one experience to another you made it till here.  You not just took your first steps just fine, but today you have been able to do a lot more.  So is true for even this country whose leaders we depend on today.  We have withstood a lot of uncertainties, freedom fights, deadly illnesses, riots, terrorism and many more such misfortunes which have been overcome.  If you have lived till date surviving all of it, then there must be something inside you that could also be looking forward to a spec of hope in the future irrespective of the negativity around.  It is time to refer to that part of yourself, that has the ability to heal and move forward.  With every passing misfortune there is something to learn and then take that learning, heal your wounds and move forward. 

There are things in this scenario you have absolutely no control on, so no matter how much you worry and think about it, it won’t help.  You will come to face what you must, but there are a few things that you are completely in control of.  Those are the things that will really make the difference between where you will go. With nothing more to do but to sit back and wait, it is time for you to heal from the experiences you had no time to deal with earlier and have been putting off for way to long.  It is time to gather yourself and the courage that most of us have, but it just gets clogged with the voices of the world and be prepared for a future that today may seem uncertain, but from one day to another it will unveil a whole new array of opportunities. 

Fear and anxiety have the ability to bring a healthy body and mind down to shreds. These toxic emotions slow down or may even shut down your bodily functions that you do not immediately need for survival. This includes your gut where most of your immune system resides. Why give so much power to these negative emotions. In stead control them, better still, fight them.

Try this simple exercise for instant resolve through fear and anxiety. Scan your body and find that spot where you feel the fearful. Then say to your fear aloud, “I love you. You are precious. I know you are afraid, but I will take care of you. I accept you the way you are and I love you.” This will instantly break the fear trance.

In these times, you need to get ready. Unwind, plan…be prepared.  And if you still need help to deal with your fears and insecurities, we are right here to help you.  Give us a call.

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