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Mumbai : Impact of Pandemic and Lockdown on Students, Read The Full Story

Mumbai : Impact of Pandemic and Lockdown on Students, Read The Full Story

While each and every person all over the world are tensed in the present scenario and are just waiting for the day when the world once again becomes a better place to live in, becomes free of the deadly virus, the new generation, the students have expressed their thoughts and shared their experiences during this lockdown.

Sumanyu Ghoshal
Sumanyu Ghoshal

Sumanyu Ghoshal, student of Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay says “The current pandemic which has struck the world has had a significant impact on my life as a college student. Online lectures didn’t turn out to be an experience my classmates could enjoy or even take part in, thanks to the disparity of broadband network in India. The institute I study in then decided to advance the summer vacation to include the period of lockdown so that the academic calendar remains the least affected in terms of the length of classroom hours. Now, during the summer vacations, a lot of us take up internships. Thanks to the decision, my first work experience is now Work From Home Project. My plans to visit California or the India offices for the Internship has disappeared into thin air. Along with this so many of my classmates have lost their summer opportunities, so that’s a bummer.”

He added, “But, at this point , I don’t think I have any right to complain or be self serving. I am fortunate to get to spend this time with family. I am thankful for the fact that everyone that I know is safe from the beast : COVID-19. I’ve also been able to focus on my more creative hobbies, something that I haven’t been able to spend time on for so many years. The advent of technology has also made sure that I do not loose touch with my friends. ”

Sumanyu concluded by saying that ” The kind of innovative methods that , the schools, the coaching classes and the Boards of examination have taken especially in order to make sure that the students who are preparing for extremely important exams are least affected, has been really inspiring. Hats off to all of them”.

Anurag Ghosh
Anurag Ghosh

Anurag Ghosh a student of class X, Lokhandwala Foundation School, Kandivili shares his experience in a very interesting way

“With all the countries in the world being in a medical-as well as financial- crisis, all the people of the world have been literally locked down in their houses. While many describe it as an ideal situation to
spend quality time with our families and explore new dimensions of our personalities and talents, newly- promoted 10th graders – like me- have none of the respite. Instead of allowing us to perform
at-home experiments like Newton, schools are using the apps offered by Microsoft 365 platform to complete the portions of respective classes. On the other hand, enthusiastic tuition teachers have
made Zoom and Google Duo apps their best friends, and hold classes all day long. This holiday works as an excuse for them to load us excess homework, all the while turning a blind eye to the aforementioned school sessions. To much of my dismay, my friends and I haven’t been able to kick a
football for over a month, while the even more fragile situation in Europe has led to professional soccer being shut down indefinitely, thus robbing me of the pleasure of watching the high intensity
knockout matches.

In the absence of maids, we have got a taste of what household chores look like. Washing dishes and mopping the floor are new arts learnt by me while helping my mother in the kitchen has become all the more frequent. Water shortage has been treated as casual affair, due to some
miscreants breaking the pipes up on the terrace. Going to grocery shops has been dealt very delicately, with masks and sanitizers acting as shields and swords.

Although we continue to bemoan at our present situation, we must not forget all those in the slums who are suffering more
than us. Lack of basic means have become daily affairs for them, especially those living on daily wages such as auto drivers. Hence, allowing our security guards to use the society premises as a shelter has been a mild relief to my conscience. Offering them a wholesome meal for dinner was an
enormous pleasure and seeing their faces effusive the next day was priceless. All we can do is feed their stomachs, listen to our Prime Minister and follow the guidelines provided by WHO. Normal life has come to a halt. Buses and trains have stopped; but in our minds life is still running and ” Where there’s life, there’s hope”.”

Anindita Ray
Anindita Ray

While Anurag talks about hope, Anindita Ray, a student of Class XII, R N Podar School seems to be in a more tensed state of mind. She says, “On 24th March 2020, when the nationwide lockdown was announced as a mass prevention against COVID- 19, it felt unreal to me. Only a week or two before- when my board exams were in process, a handful of people were wearing masks in the examination hall. During those days, the infection cases were limited to China and few other countries. So, somewhere in my naïve heart I believed India would not fall prey to the novel coronavirus. ”

She continued, “But I was so wrong.
The silly looking protective gear at which I laughed few days ago, has become my necessity. The apocalyptic movies that we once watched in crowded theatres has become a reality. It has been a surreal experience to live in the lockdown.
As a human being, I understand and appreciate the requirement for such a harsh yet necessary decision made by our Government. If they would not have taken such a drastic measure, the rate of infection cases in our densely populated country would have skyrocketed.

However, as a student it would be a lie for me to say that everything is at peace and I have well adjusted to the unprecedented circumstances. Even if I am grateful to God for letting me smoothly finish my Board exams, I am fully aware of the struggle and sense of hopelessness my fellow students have for their unscheduled ones. It is the same case for the numerous competitive and entrance exams that have been postponed until further notice. Although saving people’s lives matter more than education in the current scenario, I cannot deny the fact that this situation has given rise to negative emotions and thoughts in my mind.

I have had quite a few sleepless nights where I have woken up in cold sweat, thinking about my future which seems so bleak and uncertain owing to the current condition. The 24×7 news update on the number of casualties caused by COVID- 19 has heightened my paranoia and anxiety to unhealthy levels. If not due to infection, the irrational fear of dying due to starvation in the near future makes me lose my appetite. ”

Are the worries of Anindita unjustified? No one is sure ,where we are heading towards in the near future. But our new generation knows to differentiate between dreams and harsh reality and so she has something more for us.

“We are currently at home and have unlimited access to television and movies, but still we tune to the news channels to watch the grim reality than a two hour-long film that offers a ‘happily ever after’ that seems too cruel to not be real.

Everyday I wish to wake up to a world where the COVID-19 crisis has ended- completely vanished from existence. Where people’s lives have returned back to normal, where we can freely roam around, enjoy our favorite meals at restaurants without any worries and most importantly- meet our loved ones.

But life isn’t a fairytale that can be fixed at the snap of our fingers.

Finding a solution to such a global crisis is a time-consuming and tedious process. Development of a cure or vaccine requires multiple tests to be conducted before being introduced into the market. Therefore, I am immensely thankful to the doctors, scientists, police and all those people who are risking their lives for us and are working day and night for the survival of the rest of humanity, trying to find the antidote to wake the world from the living nightmare called- COVID-19.

Not only Anindita, the whole world at the moment is looking at the doctors and at the researchers . We had the opportunity to talk to a young doctor as well.

Dr Upasana Sanyal
Dr Upasana Sanyal

Dr. Upasana Sanyal, Intern, Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College and Hospital shares her experience in her own style

” *2020*, This year started in the most marvellous way possible, I got prefixed for life! Dr. Upasana Sanyal!
I dived into my internship with all might. Our time to finally practice what we were trained for in the last 4.5 years was here!
COVID-19 Pandemic.
All came to a standstill! OPDs witnessed a sharp decline in the non-critical patient admissions, while the ward discharge numbers suddenly rose. The academic sessions of juniors came to a halt. The entire campus emptied overnight! I had never seen my hospital so empty!

As “fresh doctors” we were not asked to go home ; but our residents kept us on call to reduce exposure as much as possible!

At present, I am residing in my hostel with ten other batchmates. Stocking up groceries amidst the lockdown was an experience in itself! I have always been a pseudo masterchef in my head; however the daily juggle between work and cooking has not been the same as cooking for leisure.

With the time in hand that earlier went to patient suturing and sampling, is now getting redirected to my beloved hobbies! Dance, sketching, playing the guitar! And yes.. studying (my essential hobby)!!

With COVID-19 at our door step, witnessing our frontline healthcare providers tirelessly serve the patients and joining them as interns has just proven that: “With great power, comes great responsibility”. ”

Students from different age groups, from different sectors have shared their experiences, have shared the impact of lockdown on their lives, they have spoken about responsibility, they have appreciated the steps taken to keep their classes on, at times they have expressed their regret for not able to do things they love, yet none of them have complained. They are adjusting to the situation more and more with every passing day, hats off to their spirit, to their positive attitude.  Impact of Pandemic and Lockdown on Students.. read the full story…
Article written by:
Debjani Basu Mullick.

Feature Editor ” Hello Mumbai News “


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