Home Art & Culture Mumbai : In the Valmiki Ramayan sun worship turned to Durga worship : Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

Mumbai : In the Valmiki Ramayan sun worship turned to Durga worship : Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

Mumbai : In the Valmiki Ramayan sun worship turned to Durga worship : Astrologer Subrata Banerjee

In the Valmiki Ramayan sun worship turned to Durga worship.

Ong Sarbarmangal Ma galye Shive ive sarbartho sadhike, saranye Trambayke Gouri
Narayani Namahstute”. In The Balmiki Ramayan, the Augustha Muni asked Sri Ramachandra to worship the sun but later it changed to another Ramayan and became the Durga worship. Now in India it is deemed inauspicious, as its the time of (dakshinawan) winterization. This period was the sleeping time for the Gods. The month of Ashwin to Falgun is only one night for the deities. (According to yoga Kulkundlani energy downward period is dhaskhinayan period. The period of its movement along the path to Sahasrara is the period of Uttarayan, the time of mokhs). At present this is dhakshinayan time and it is called premature sensation to awaken or awaken the mother Durga or *Akal Bodhon * . We observed there are so many similarities between Goddess Durga and Kali with the Goddess Ishtar or Nin-lil of the ancient Babylonion civilization. Fortunately by God’s blessing I has visited many temples in India and beyond, maximum places I noticed the eight handed Durga idol but In our puja ( Bengali ) Culture durga is 10th handed goddess. Another thing I am surprised about here that we worshiped as Maa Lakshmi and Saraswati, as a daughter of Durga. But in old Scriptures, there are three forms of Sun * Sabitri Bramharupatu Gayetri Bishnurupani. Saraswati Rudrarupa upashya rup bhedat.* According to the Scriptures mother Laxmi and Saraswati and Maa Durga are the three forms of Sun. Gayatri or Lakshmi or Vaishnavi. “Gayatri” is found in the Scriptures in three names. In the morning, or at dawn the dark reded- rajurupa, Brahmani. At noon, the bluish-rupa, the one who protects the creation, protects (rescues and relieves the greatest “Vedantra” in the original development), is named Gayatri or Lakshmi or Vaishnavi. At evening , white-swattarupa Biddya or knowledged saraswati, or Rudrani. In shri shri Chandi, (first chapters: In verses 3 and 5) you are the kalatri (which is the rhythm of the Brahma) and the maharatri (the rhythm of the world ). Heye Lakshmi, you are the power of God, you (Hring) & shame, you are intellect. Devi has been praised (in the verse of shree Shree Chandi Devi kabacham A 11 & 12) **Lakshmi: Padmasana Devi Padmahasta Haripriya. The white goddess Ishwari is brishabahana. Bramhi hinshashamarura sarbabharanbhusita. Itaitay Matara sarbajogsamandhira**. Our mother Dashavuja (ten handed) and Devi Lakshmi and Saraswati as daughters will come together in the pandals (sacred tent). Maybe money needed for the battle, Lakshmi and Ganesh for wisdom and patience, Saraswati, symbol of knowledge, symbol of strength signifies warrior Kartick carries this worship together in our five-day festival and faith every year.

Compiled by: K.V.Raman


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