Mumbai : Mrs India Earth Diksha Chhabra on a mission to make India fit

Mumbai : Mrs India Earth  Diksha Chhabra on a mission to make India fit

India Earth on a mission to make India fit

In a world full of imperfections and flaws, if there is one thing that has maintained consistency in perfection is the IDEA of an IDEAL WOMAN. At the age of 28, Diksha was the IDEAL WOMAN. She did everything that was asked of her to be the woman society approved of:

Got married at 23
Had a 9-5 job
Had a kid at 24

Clearly, her life was sorted.

Around 3 years ago, Diksha’s weight kept increasing in an extremely unhealthy fashion but back then she had more important things to care about – the kid, her husband, in-laws. She was not even her own last priority. She was just another of those hundred thousands of Indian home-makers who give in all their ambitions and interests in the name of having an IDEAL family life.

In 2015, Diksha was a full time working busy Mommy and a homemaker, with a hectic schedule and family responsibilities. She never paid attention to her health and fitness and hence got detected with PCOD and hypothyroidismresulting in a massive weight gain. Diksha was close to 100kgs, 29 years and an old depressed woman.

Reason: Unhealthy lifestyle and stress

1 in every five women in India are suffering from one or either of the diseases. That is when she realized that this has to stop. Then she decided to change, change her lifestyle, her outlook towards food and exercise, basically decided to take charge of her own life.

Diksha wanted to be healthy for her child and be an example to him.So,she brought home a treadmill to start with, reduced eating, started home workout with which she lost 18 kgs but meanwhile she educated herself with the right ways of weight loss and found the theory of strength training very believable. Diksha later joined a gym and started lifting weights. It was a gradual process. From not being able to walk even for 2 km, she became someone who could deadlift 100 kgs and squat with 80 kgs.

Diksha has always been a woman of precision. If she takes a pathshe gives it her 100%.

Today, Diksha Chhabra is a healthy person with no hormonal problems (she has stopped taking medicine for thyroid), weighing 61 kgsand 20 percent body fat.Dikshalost around 30 kgs in one year.

Today, she is:

An Entrepreneur
A Model
Fitness Consultant
Fitness expert with Decathalon
Official Expert at MyProtein
Verified Instagram influencer
Mrs. India Earth Winner
Mrs. Body Fit (2017-18)

You must be thinking this transformation sounds like a magic, just the perfect miraculous end to a regular story.

But it did not come as easy as it sounds above. Every step ahead in her journey came with its own set of struggles. Diksha’s mother in-law was detected with Cancer just when she was going through health issues. Looking after her, the kid, his education and managing it all alongside job affectedher health further.Th entire family and Diksha faced a really hard and strenuous time at that point when she almost gave up but it was only her motivation and determination to make something better happen for herself that kept her going.Having changed her life to a 180 degree just by adapting to a healthier lifestyle without taking any steroids or supplements, Diksha wants more and more people to know that there is hope at the end of the tunnel and anything can happen if only one dares to dream big and ‘love themselves.

Being a woman and particularly one with muscles is extremely threatening to the society. From body-shaming, to remarks on being a bad mother and moral policing on my clothes, Diksha has had it all enough. As she participated in Mrs. India Earth many womenmade lude statements about my ‘masculine’ body but there was Diksha Chhabra, defying the stereotypical contemporary image of a woman and weight-lifting her way to success.

“WOMEN, DO NOT BOG DOWN. This life has been more than unfair to us in terms of the privileges and opportunities but if only we get together, can we change that. Through this platform I want to inspire each and every such woman who has at least once in her lifetime thought “Life would have been so much better, if only I was a man”. I want you to ‘LOVE YOURSELF’ and not sacrifice yourself like its meant to be. We are meant for more and bigger things in life. My heart goes out to every woman who has felt depressed or oppressed to keep up with the expectations the society has from us as women. Through my nutrition programs I aim to empower women be a more confident and better version of themselves but I still feel no external factor/ person can miraculously bring about that change in your life. The needle has to be moved by you. Onecan go on blame the society/ parents/ family and whosoever for not getting there but trust me, the real reason for something to happen or not is YOU. Make a choice for yourself today because in the end the choice is yours, the risk is yours and the bargain is also YOURS.”

You can follow Diksha on Instagram @dikshamalik.malik, or visit

– Diksha Chhabra, Founder, Diksha Chhabra Fitness Consultancy


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