Home Health & Fitness Mumbai: Mumbai Dr.Ravi Godse shares important tips for Post Lockdown life, read detailed here

Mumbai: Mumbai Dr.Ravi Godse shares important tips for Post Lockdown life, read detailed here

Mumbai:  Mumbai Dr.Ravi Godse shares  important tips for Post Lockdown life,  read detailed here
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Important  tips for Post Lockdown life -Dr.Ravi Godse..

Hello Mumbai News Desk : 

India’s testing is low. Very low. That’s good news. It matters not how many people get it, long as they get better. India’s current mortality ratio (deaths/cases) is around 3 percent, which is very good compared to the rest of the world. If there are many undiagnosed cases, the denominator may be 10 folds bigger and mortality rate much lower. You can definitely get it but mostly you will be okay. I am not saying this is minor. This is deadly serious but not as seriously deadly as we thought. There might have been community spread already. So you probably can’t protect yourself by sitting at home.

Let us quickly recap the medical status. Luckily or unluckily, Indian hospitals are not shackled like the Western hospitals and hydroxychloroquine is liberally used. I just wished India was publishing the data and assume world leadership. Most people are not getting seriously ill. They are tolerating low levels of oxygen. Most are not requiring ventilators. Several antivirals are being used. Plasma is increasingly available. In case you get into cytokine storm medicines like Tocilizumab are working. The doctors are getting smarter. The vaccine is coming and the virus might have mutated already to become less infectious. No need to keep your guard down but okay to keep the hopes up.

Please follow your local governmental guidelines for post lockdown life. Remember most governments are not very smart. But we can enjoy the freedom that we can call them not smart. Also the local government is a reflection of your community, they represent who you are. Please cut them some slack. This is a novel virus and there is no playbook.

So when you finally venture out, be calm. Everything in moderation is a good motto. There is a Chinese motto (it is okay to use Chinese mottos, we are little miffed with the Chinese government now but people of China are our brothers and sisters) that says even moderation should be practiced in moderation. So if you feel like taking extreme caution, do it, whatever floats your boat. Please don’t be looking over your shoulder all the time and being afraid of the shadows. Not everyone who is ignoring social distancing is a miserable antisocial miscreant. Conversely, not every person being meticulous about it is an obsessive paranoid freak. The middle ground will see you both safe and happy.

Consider to wear a mask. A mask that is not N95, does not protect you, it protects others from you. If you see someone not wearing a mask, they may have a personal reason. Don’t tangle with them. If you approach them and speak loudly, you are putting both parties at risk. If you feel people are endangering you, consider to buy N95 after the restriction is lifted that also protects you to a degree.

Though the surface transmission is less, still wash hands frequently. Till you forget doing it, avoid hugs and handshakes. If someone unwittingly offers you a hand, it won’t be rude to refuse shaking it and it won’t be the end of the world, if you actually shook it. If won’t be impolite to wash your hands after you shake it with someone. Summer might be helping. What will monsoon bring? Rain, perhaps? No one knows.

Certain populations like older people and people with chronic diseases are more at risk. If you feel sick or if you have a suspicion that you are feeling sick, stay away from them. Keep them in your hearts and minds but if you are under the weather, don’t go to these people to tell them that weather forecast. Stay away.

When you open up the cases are going to go up. They are. Imagine you are watching an old Jitendra movie. The movie features Kader Khan. Jaya Prada is going home and it starts raining. You know what’s going to happen. Long as you are expecting it, and ready for it mentally, it would be fine. Forewarned is forearmed.

If you are scared, your immunity can suffer. There is a difference between cautious and scared. Cautious is like Tendulkar. Prudent, pragmatic, taking enough risks, playing to win. Scared is throwing your bat at everything, losing the head and aspiring to lose by not more than 40 runs. Cautious will get it done.

Don’t panic if someone you know or know off gets the disease. Just imagine how many people you know, how many got sick and let the statistics do rest of the work.

Support the small businesses. If you are safely out, going to restaurants, local small businesses, supports your community. Remember, rich people who stop making money, stop being rich. And we don’t need more poor people. We have enough of them already. That’s something else we need to remedy and soon.

Don’t lose heart. Don’t lose hope. We will go garba again; we will fill the stadiums and dance at marriage processions. Very soon. If we look back, and take some lessons with humility, we know that we will be better off being more hygienic, more compassionate and with a organized health sector. I can’t say more organized health sector because that will erroneously presuppose a previous organization.

These are my observations. I believe them to be correct. If they are not, that means, I am incorrect. Incorrect being the sobriquet of most current medical experts, I should, then, enjoy plenty of company.


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