Mumbai: .Mumbai Hinduja Hospital patient tested positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus, Shifted to Kasturba hospital


    Mumbai: .Mumbai Hinduja Hospital patient tested positive for COVID-19 Coronavirus, Read detailed story here

    Mumbai: It comes as a big scare, that a patient caught up with Coronavirus and admitted to the Private P.D. Hinduja Hospital MRC and Research Centre tested positive on for COVID-19 on
    Thursday night.

    In view of this ,the hospital has been following the advice of the concerned team at MCGM and on basis of their advice all protocols were activated.

    As per government guidelines, the patient was immediately rushed last night to the Kasturba Hospital which is currently treating all Coronavirus patients in Mumbai.

    Some eyewitnesses reveal that the patient allegedly had a history of recent foreign travel to one of the Covid-19 hit countries but refrained from revealing it to the hospital authorities.

    As per their claim scores of hospital employees – both medical and non-medical — could be at risk since that the concerned Coronavirus affected Patient might have come in contact with many at the prestigious hospital.

    Around 89 persons including medical, para-medical, non-medical staffers have reportedly come in contact with the patient in the recent past.

    A hospital official denied the allegations and however affirmed that the hospital is initiating all the necessary steps to ensure the safety of all its medical, non-medical staff and patients as per official guidelines, though none has been shifted to a quarantine as yet.

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