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Mumbai: Mumbai Saloon & Spa owners demand relaxtion from Government, business dwindling due to lockdown shivsena leader Abhishek Ghosalkar steps forward to support them

Mumbai:  Mumbai Saloon & Spa  owners demand relaxtion from Government,  business dwindling due to lockdown  shivsena leader  Abhishek Ghosalkar steps forward to support them

News report by Ashmita Chhabria: 

Mumbai: Covid-19, induced lockdown force-shuts Saloons and Beauty Parlors, former Shiv Sena Corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar came forward to support them and  shares his views with Hello Mumbai News Team.

Mumbai: Coronavirus has forceshut saloons barbershops and Beauty Parlours across the country temporarily breaking the bond between stylist and loyal client, and curtailing the camaraderie and community of many saloons, barbershops and beaùty parlours.

The closure has hard hit the owners who are now in peril as their revenue has dwindled.

However, the owners are appealing to the State Government to give them some relaxation. Business sector is facing a huge loss due to this pandemic.

To get facts straight on the status of the owners of such saloons barber shops and beauty Parlours Hello Mumbai News Team interacted with Shiv Sena former Corporator, Mr.Abhishek Ghoshalkar, , and Director of Mumbai District Co-operative Bank.

A women delegation met Mr. Abhishek Ghoshalkar and raised this saloon issue. They requested him to start the saloon and parlors because Covid-19 induced lockdown has gravely impacted their business. Ghosalkar quoted, “I have spoken to the authorities like license department of BMC but they haven’t received any guidelines about these saloons and Beauty Parlours parlors.

He said we support women empowerment and most of these Parlours and Saloons are operated by women. They gave a request letter to ward office and me. Now I spoke with industries Ministsr Mr. Subhash Desai. He asked for proper presentation of how they will be working and how will they abide by the precautionary measures. Thereon on that basis will take up the matter with higher government authorities and will definitely help in re-opening saloons.
However, his personal opinion is that now Unlock 1.0 has already started. They have permitted the shops to reopen on alternate days.

Notably, the Government activated unlock 1.0 on view of financial status of citizens. They have no income. How will they clear outstanding dues? How will they run their kitchen? So they need job for survival.

Many saloons need to pay rent to the owners. With the establishments shut, they haven’t earned a single penny. So how will they pay?
He ended his case by saying “So government should look into this seriously give some relaxation.”

On the same issue, Hello Mumbai News Team also spoke to Mrs. Heema Shah who runs a Beauty Parlour. While sharing her opinion she affirmed that as per current  situation we are facing finacial crisis ,My appeal to Government authority they should allow us to open our saloons and spas as soon as possible, I support to my Industry people .Government is allowing other industry and they are running their business as per Government guidelines same guidline we will follow in our parlours, ” She further said, ” Social distancing will be followed  only our saloon.

This will be beneficial to all. Secondly, she demands to stop such services which are provided online; because the spread of virus has increased due to these services provided at home. We don’t know if they are taking all the precautious measures at home. People do not sanitize their homes. If any employee visiting client’s home, don’t know if the client is infected or not hence chances of the employee getting affected are there.
She further quoted, “I had gone to Mr. Abhishek Ghoshalkar because this field requires support but in my opinion everything should be re open as soon as posdible.

Regarding this Hello Mumbai News Team also spoke with Shilpa S Chauchan owner of Shingar Saloon & Spa. She quoted, “It’s been more than 3 months now that we are waiting for our saloons to get some kind of relaxation. Not only saloons but every business is shut for more than 3 months.

Forget about business, the maintenance has become a big issue. Products are reaching the expiry date. Another issue that we are facing is FREELANCERS. They are still freelancing and swiping away our clients from us. There are many issues. If government will not permit us later it will be difficult for us to try again.”

She further said that she has a group called ‘AAHWAHAN’ which she has made a week back and there are almost 67 saloon owners across Mumbai.

They are not wishing to go on any andolan or strike; she quoted that, “We want a clear image of the norms, rules & regulations, terms & conditions to be followed and this is how the saloon has to function.

We just cannot sit at home.” After They spoke with Mr. Abhishek Ghoshalkar and had left everything on him now. He has noted down the list of members associated with AAHWAHAN and he will submit the list to higher authorities.

When Hello Mumbai News reporter questioned her about social distancing. She further shared, “We had meetings with all the members. We had only one point that, are we worse than even these bhajiwalas? If they are getting chance to do business so why not we? Now barbers and saloons are not how they were 20 years back.Beauty Parlour business dwindling due to lockdown Corporator Abhishek Ghosalkar steps forward to support them

Now we have awareness department, they have trained us we are certified from BA&WSSC (Government institution). We are all well equipped to open saloon with all precautionary measures. We won’t take random walk in we will only take the ones whom we know; we will take a thorough check-up with thermometers. We will take all the necessary measure and then only we will take client orders. If government asks us to take only 2 clients per day we will take only 2. I mean there are ways to open saloons and not just keep them shut.
She further shared that they were asked to do only retail business but they refused because retail business has no margins.

If government gives them permission so they are ready to do business by following all the norms. She is also working on a project how these saloons will function once they get permit. She ended her word by saying, “Whatever we have lost in past 3 months we will gain double in upcoming time. We only need support to enable to open our saloons even for four hours we are happy enough.”

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