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    We are our lineage. We inherit all the qualities from our ancestors’ whether good or bad. We are a mix of both- yesterday and today. We adapt qualities and features from our ancestors, we end up inheriting emotional baggage from our family lineage. Wounds from the past generation when left open and unhealed creates an imbalance in our current life. We subconsciously inculcate these emotions or wounds in our current life. Family Constellation Work allows us to find a solution and helps to free ourselves from these burdens or traumas of the past, thus giving our life a new and peaceful dimension.
    The burden and traumas from the past generation can be healed or can be brought to a closure with the help of Family Constellation work. Just as we inherit a certain blood type or the color of our eyes or posture from our ancestors, we also inherit their traumas and burdens. This in turn will be passed down to our future generations if not solved at a certain generation causing a cycle or pattern being followed by the future generations. It (trauma) may not start with you but it can end with you. These traumas wage from their intensity and can impact severely causing guilt or grief. Being able to relate to these traumas first starts in the subconscious and is slowly moved to the conscious. These feelings can be overwhelming because we don’t know the reason and the cause behind it. When the trauma is too big to handle, we tend to escape it.
    These traumas are the silent killers, very violent. It may have been happening to you all this while, and you may not know. These traumas of violence end up damaging in the long run. Traumas are very basic like- anxiousness, nervousness, insomnia, fear to name a few. These are a part of our routine, we tend to over-look them. Ignoring them for too long can prove fatal. Though we do not notice, but there is a constant change (negative) in our behavior. This could be linked with some past incidents or accidents which is a part of our subconscious. We cannot ignore this feeling. When put in a similar situation, these traumas aggravate making it uncomfortable for our well-being.
    These suppressed emotions or traumas can be treated. It is necessary to reconcile and face the past to restore a happy future. With the help of Family Constellation work, these emotions are retouched and reworked upon. The traumas which were never spoken about are brought forth to gain a clear perspective for living. Awareness is created for these specific emotions to be dealt with, the resolution may not be immediate, but with gradual Family Constellation sessions you can seek peace.
    Every generation has tried their best to withhold or suppress the traumas, and emotions in their own way, but without proper guidance and support, this is not possible. Family Constellation helps resolve this for us. Family secrets are another set of invisible traumas that one is likely to deal with. Even though every generation avoids talking about a certain taboo secret of the family, this is somehow passed down to the future generations. Keeping secrets is a way to protect the future generation from danger and any misinformation. Family secrets can be the most destructive, these can be events that brought shame, guilt or worry to the family. We believe, while preserving a secret we are preserving the family’s image, the love that we have for the family. With the help of Family Constellation work, all ties are restored and restructured in a manner where belonging is created. Acknowledging the secrets and beliefs of the family helps reinstates the dynamics of a happy person and a happy family.
    If you are interested in trying Family Constellation Therapy, you can contact me (information provided below). Any distressed person suspecting problems in family background can contact for Family Constellation Therapy or any therapy. It all comes down to the family in the end.

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