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Mumbai Ramzan Top 10 Places and Favourite Dishes for Iftaar and Sheri ,Our Life Style Editor ‘Nishat Sait’ will guide you


Mutton Nali Nihari.
Malpua Sweet Dish .

Mutton Kheri kbaab.
Iftaar items.

*Ramadan 2019 Mumbai Lipsmacking Iftaar and Sehri Delicacies*

May 2019 and hardly any days left, Complete month of Ramadan (Also referred as ‘Ramzan’) Mumbai evenings, Iftar and delectables street food at famous locations will be high on crowd as every year. Special Non Vegetarian food serves as blessing to Piety after all the day starving to connect their Mind, Body and Soul to the almighty Allah. Below are major delicacies for ramadan festival and selected famous location to grab some bites if around..”

Nalli Nihari (Mutton):   at Noor Mohammadi Hotel  , Mohammad Ali Road.
One of the most seeked street food during Ramzan. This is a special mutton recipe with major ingredients being baby lamb with bones, bay leaf, cloves, black cardamom, fresh garlic and ginger with garam masala, coriander and yellow chilli powder, bit of ghee and curd, besan (Gram flour), fried onions, screw pine essence, green cardamom, lamb stock, Kewda water and mace.

Seekh Kebab : Bhendi Bazaar.
The famous seekh kebab is made up of Ground Meat Or Lamb, Yellow Onion, Roughly Chopped, Black Peppercorns, Grassfed Organic Ghee, Minced Ginger And Garlic Cloves, Minced Thai Bird Chilli, Coriander & Fennel Seeds, Freshly Chopped Mint & Cilantro. Keep your eyes on the stalls making fresh seekh in midnights post Iftar in Mumbai.

Kaleji Fry (Gurda) : Bhendi Bazaar near Minara Masjid :

Also called ‘Gurda Masala’ made up of mutton liver and kidney, A spicy dish which has Green Chilli & Ginger Garlic Paste, Black Pepper, Lemon Juice, Coriander, Garam Masala, Cumin Seeds and Turmeric Powder, Edible Oil.

Chinese Fried Chicken : Chiness – n grill.Bhendi Bazaar near Minara Masjid.
Trending Ramadan food in Mumbai since last few years, Specially at streets of Mohammed Ali Road and Khara tank road. It is made up of Chicken Thighs With No Bones, Mashed Garlic Cloves, Potato Starch, White Pepper, Light Soy Sauce, Baking Powder, White Pepper, All Purpose Flour And Five Spices Powder.

Mutton Khiri Kebab : Made up of Gosht (Tender meat) which is marinated in ginger paste with famous spice mixture of clove, black pepper, other spices and cardamom all in combination. Taste it all in Mumbai at selective locations and you will sure love it.

Phirni :  avsiavail At Bhendi Bazaar Near Minara Masjid .
It is a Sweet pudding which is made up of rice which is powdered along with milk & sugar and other toppings Cardamom, Saffron (Kesar) and Almonds. Iftar phirni is a minimum must to taste at Mohammed Ali Road (Masjid gully) and Bhendi bazaar area if you have little time to hangout during Ramadan in city. The clay bowl in which it is served is a unique attraction in itself.

Malpua : available at  Nagpada Junction and Bhendi Bazaar
Malpua a  hot favourite Sweet at Mumbai streets during Ramadan, But Malpua is one daily recipe sold at many shops in Mumbai on regular basis. It is also made during Diwali and Holi festivals, one of the versatile sweets of city.
It is made of All Purpose Flour, Fennel Seeds, Powdered Green Cardamom, Saffron, Ghee, Khoya, Baking Powder, Sugar, Water, Semolina and Milk.

Falooda / Faluda : Mumbai’s special Ramadan Falooda is a milk drink with multiple things inside. It is also available in a plastic pack as take away and make yourself at home option. Usually famous places like Mohammed Ali Road, LJ Road Mahim West, Bandra West near station or (Badshah Falooda), one opposite crawford market, have varieties in flavours of Faluda.
Typical content of this flavoured milk drink is Rose Syrup, Sev (Also Called Sevai), Sabja Seeds (A good coolant for body), Cashew nuts and few other dry fruits served with toppings of a flavoured ice cream scoop.

These are some of the mouth watering famous dishes of Aamchi Mumbai. One must taste or you are missing a major thing in life..

Third Party Images courtesy from Google Search.

*News Report by
Mrs Nishat Sait
Lifestyle & Event Management Editor; India*


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