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Mumbai: Relationships and Family Constellation with Mumbai based Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal

Mumbai:  Relationships and Family Constellation with Mumbai based Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal
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Relationships and Family Constellation with Mumbai based Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal

Family Constellation is a very powerful approach towards healing our present life issues (relationship or medical or any other problem) which are influenced by the previous generations of the family. One aspect of Family Constellation is that for healing any broken relationship. It helps understand the relationship thus pouring happiness in the lives of people. It helps reveal the hidden dynamics and loyalties in a family that keeps us rooted in unhealthy or destructive patterns of behaviour.
Case Study – A young girl Shraddha, (name changed) in her thirties came to me as she had a troubled marital life.
The client was supposed to be living in an abusive relationship with her husband. She was well educated and was also at a peak in her career. A well-settled job and a beautiful family. Things seemed like in her favour, the only aspect that kept bothering her was her relationship with her husband had gone sour. She was in no favour of leaving her husband or to give up on the relationship. Unable to cope with the stress and negativity and the unwanted feeling in this relationship, she sought help from me. Upon meeting her I felt a strange and strong connection with her. Understanding her problem and a little about her childhood, Family Constellation Therapy was set up for her to help resolve her issues.
There were two major elements introduced by her in her first session, the first one – she considered herself an unwanted child bought in this world. The second was her abusive father, the client had been through a lot of emotional pain all her life. And of course, she herself.
She had achieved an astonishing position on professional front balancing the personal and professional life, which led to provoke a question in my mind for her emotional suffering, but with the help of matrix issues related to her started making sense. This matrix was created to know the actual cause of her pain which would help resolve the issue from the core. The matrix revealed that the client had hatred towards her mother, she never liked her mother. Her mother always thought of her (client) as an unwanted child. It was also revealed that her mother was also living an abusive relationship with her husband. Her mother never retaliated to this abusive behaviour and submitted to this behaviour. This created more hatred towards her mother. Somewhere, she felt and held her mother responsible for her abusive marital life.
The client’s self-esteem had gone low due to all the situations and sufferings since childhood. She considered herself not worthy of anything and settled for anything that came her way. The need of feeling loved and the feeling of belonging made her compromise and time and again she reconciled with her husband after every spat.
The client agreed to her disputed relationships with her mother and how she felt powerless blaming her mother for accepting all the pain received from her husband.
Therapy started working towards improving her relationship with her mother. She started feeling a shift in her energies, there was a positive shift in her perception towards her mother and letting go of the resentments that she had for her mother. The issue was resolved and a soft corner for her mother started evolving in her heart. Along with this, her relationship with her husband also started mending. Her relationship with her husband was no longer strained. Their relationship took a drastic turn for the good and her husband was no longer abusive towards her. Another aspect revealed by the matrix was her self-esteem which was a major reason for the acceptance of suffering, she also overcame her low self-esteem feeling good about herself.
A few more sessions of Family Constellation Therapy and her issues were resolved.

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