Home Art & Culture Mumbai : SARGAM Musical Journey of Relationships, Cultural festival celebrated in Mumbai University

Mumbai : SARGAM Musical Journey of Relationships, Cultural festival celebrated in Mumbai University

Mumbai : SARGAM Musical Journey of Relationships, Cultural festival celebrated in Mumbai University

Mumbai, October 14, 2019.
News input by: Jui Jadhav From Mumbai University Kalina :
Sharad Purnima also known as Kojagiri Purnima is

Kojagiri Purnima cultural festival celebrated in Mumbai University.

Studenten performing on stage on the occasion in Mumbai University.
SARGAM: Musical Journey of Relationships.

celebrated in a full moon day in the month of September or October. It also means that monsoon has ended. On Kojagiri Purnima it is said that the Moon and the Earth are very close to each other and the rays that comes such moon is good for soul and body. Goddess Laxmi is offered with prayers and ladies keep a fast for the whole day. It is said that those who are awake the entire, Goddess visits their house and shower her blessings on them. This festival is also known as for bringing brightness in the lives of people. On this day ‘Masala Dood’ with lots of dry fruits is enjoyed. It is also said that after the puja ‘rice flakes along with cold milk’ is had.
In Maharashtra, Kojagiri Purnima is celebrated on a bigger scale in Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur.
The history behind celebrating Kojagiri Purnima is that, once there was a king who faced financxial crisi. Hi Queen then worshipped Goddess Laxmi and offered her prayers and stayed awake that whole night. She also had kept fast on that day. Seeing this Goddess Laxmi blessed them with good health, prosperity and wealth. The crisis was over and they stayed happily. Following this, Kojagiri Purnima was celebrated in many countries including Maharashtra.
This year Kojagiri festival was celebrated on 13th October,2019. Student of Communication and Journalism, Mumbai university celebrated this event. Like every year this year also they had organized Sargam Event on the occasion of Kojagiri. Sargam is an vent full with dances, music, poems and plays. The theme for Sargam this year was ‘ Seasonal Relationships’ depicting how a relationship changes according to the season. Songs that portrayed every relationship were sung.
HOD of the Department of Communication And journalism Dr. Sanjay Ranade himself showed up his participation and also sung along with the students. Every year this department celebrates Kojagiri, but this it was special as Sargam completed a decade this year. Students very enthusiastically took participation and hosted this entire event.
They also followed the tradition by serving tasty ‘Masal Doodh’ to the audience along with dinner. The festival became more interesting when the students performed a ‘Qawali’. The dances performed by the students were very neat and graceful. There was also play performed written n directed by the students themselves that caught everyone’s attraction. We definitely look forward for the next Sargam Event.


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