Mumbai: THE FLYING SAUCER’S NEW #healthylicious menu – “It’s Healthy, It’s Fly” NUDGES PEOPLE TOWARDS HEALTHY FOOD


    THE FLYING SAUCER’S NEW #healthylicious menu – It’s Healthy, It’s Fly” NUDGES PEOPLE TOWARDS HEALTHY FOOD Launch saw the presence of Harman Baweja, Zulfi Syed, Muzammil Ibrahim, Ken Ferns, Rohed Khan, Natasha Grover, Mina Banerji Sandhu & Dil Sandhu, Shahwar Ali, Parul Mishra.16th February, 2020 in Mumbai- Eating out doesn’t mean blowing your diet, The Flying Saucer launched their healthy menu as a part of “It’s Healthy, It’s Fly” initiative to make Mumbai healthier.
    Priyank Sukhija & Navin Agarwal of The Flying Saucer explain the added options in the menu are a part of creating a healthier lifestyle “What tends to give you success is truly changing how you eat
    The focal point of #healthylicious menu is the generous usage of exotic vegetables, leaves and herbs. The menu offers a variety of gluten- free, low carb, sugar free and nutrient rich dishes.
    What’s even more enticing are their fresh mouthwatering recipes, thereby ditching the myth that healthy food is mundane.
    While the restaurant enjoys exemplary goodwill, the limelight is currently on their #healthylicious menu.
    Priyank Sukhija & Navin Agarwal of The Flying Saucer elaborates “We truly believe in encouraging a healthy, natural way of living. Our new #healthylicious menu not only gives a choice to eat healthier, more flavourful food but also becomes a one-stop shop for eating well, daily, with options of freshly prepared meals available”
    Neha says “Our new menu is a healthful fare. #healthylicious brings the passion of health and food together. The menu is full of dishes that are healthy ,Gluten free and delicious. Lots of juices, sandwiches and salads on the menu including a salad bar where you can make your own and not feel guilty about eating out ”

    Pictures of Sachin Bhatt, Navin Agarwal and Neha Ahuja during the launch
    picture of Mina Banerjee Sandhu with Dil Sandhu during the launch
    Picture of Deepshikha Nagpal during the launch



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