Mumbai : World Fame Astrologer Subrata Banerji’s predictions emerges ‘Greater than Nostradamus’

Mumbai : World Fame Astrologer  Subrata Banerji’s predictions emerges ‘Greater than Nostradamus’
File Pic of Astrologer Sundarata Banerjee.

Guruji Sri Subrata Banerjee’s predictions emerges “Greater than Nostradamus*

Renowned Astrologer Sri Guruji Sri Subrata Banerjee makes a tall claim that at present he is India’s exceptionally Great Astrologer as 63 predictions nationally and internationally out of 65 predictions turned out to be correct. This he claims is Greater than Nostradamus success ratio.

He expresses his sincere gratitude to all his media friends who eternally kept believing on his predictions and continued publishing it. Says Guruji Subrata Banerjee ” My objective of making predictions were to prove that the ancient Astrology is superior than Science, which denied its existence always. It was his prediction that head of schedule Britain will witness yet another election. Before that UK Prime Minister will reign. This emerged true. ” My 2-3 predictions failed in which one is about Donald Trump and Nagaland. Nevertheless he hopes that now people understand the dark truth behind the game. ” Last April when I predicted that this is good time for Shiv Sena, and that they will come in power, many of his journalists friends couldn’t believe it. But now I decided that in future I will not do any political predictions, because horse trading happens in every elections, and my predictions turns false though I am right in it.

“Once again thanks to all my followers’ affirmed Guruji Sri Subrata Banerjee

File Picture of Astrologer Sundarata Banerjee with Cricketer Sourav Ganguly .
Astrologer Sundarata Banerjee with Bollywood celebs .


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