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    ‘ Positive Vibrations ‘ Art Exihibtion organised by Deepika Vishwas, from 11 June To 17 June,At Jehangir Art Gallery


    ‘No matter what happens in your life,be always positive,n never stop and keep moving in right direction’,is the message Deepika Vishwas wants to give through her maiden solo exhibition titeld ‘positive Vibrations’which is currently running at Hirji Jehangir Art Gallery from 11Th June to 17th June 2018.The exhibition comprised of Budhha,Ganesha and Abstract paintings.All the paintings are done by using knife and storkes.

    ‘I have specifically used vibrant colours in each painting because vibrant colours represent happiness and positivity’said Deepika.She has used purple colour for abstract paintings.in modem era I feel everybody is after
    materialistic gains but in process loosing mental Peace so I have decided to draw Buddha painting as it symbolizes peace.

    ‘Music is the form of Art which gives energy and create positive vibration.That’s why most of my paintings of Ganesha are with musical instruments’said Deepika.No matter whatever happens in life show must go on is the motto of life of Deepika Vishwas and also of her painting exhibition.

    Deepika Vishwas was born in Uttrakhand (India)where she spent her entire childhood and currently lives in Mumbai.She did diploma in visual Art from Dehradun and also graduated from kumaun university Nainital Deepika’s earliest memories of her childhood go back to the age of three when she started her journey into the world of Art.She started drawing and painting, birds, animals,n nature Without any professional training she managed to won 1st prize at State Level competition at the age of 14.Since then she never looked back and persuaded her painting career with passion.
    After her diploma in Visual art she has groomed her skills under the guidance of veteran artist Prithivi soni from Mumbai.She has done many group exhibition all across india with his guidance.
    Group Exhibition:

    Kumar University Nainital (2014)

    Group Show with prithvi Soni,Mumbai(2014)

    Lalit Kala Academy(2017)

    Now time has come to held my First Solo Exhibition *”Positive* *Vibration*”
    It is privilege to cordially invite you to attend my first solo exhibition “positive Vibration”to be held at Hirji Jehangir Gallery from 11th June 2018 to 17th June 2018.



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