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Quit Tobacco By Dr. Niranjan Patel

Quit Tobacco By  Dr. Niranjan Patel

Author of the Column: Dr. Niranjan Patel
smokingAddiction of Tobacco has very much toxic and hazardous ill effects on the overall health. On the worlds No Tobacco day I dedicate my article for those who wants to quit tobacco for rest of their life. Tobacco is smoke inhaled through Beeds, Cigarette, Hukke or it’s chewed in gutkha, mawa , khaini , sukha, and pan. Tobacco has the poisonous effect on the humans due to Tar and Alkaloids. Nicotine which is a strong stimulant poison. In moderate doses, it stimulates the brain and has soothing effects and in large doses works as a sedative which is the main thing . Students, youngsters, and adults are getting fascinated by the Tobacco , but they forget about the long time adverse ill effects. The continuous use of Tobacco leads to addiction

Adverse Effects:

  1. Cancer of Lung, Mouth, Phyarynx, esophagus
  2. Cigarette smoking leads to Lung cancer
  3. Chewing of tobacco leads to Mouth cancer
  • Heavy smokers develop – Bronchitis and shortness of breath ( Emphysema, chronic lung diseases )
  • Tar of the smoke gets accumulated and deposited in the Nose, throat, lungs and arteries.
  • Nicotine causes premature hardening of arteries which in turn leads to hypertension and heart attack.
  • Beedi and cigarette smoke has carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and nonoxidized nicotine. It leads to injuries of Heart.
  • Smoking during pregnancy leads to miscarriage , Premature delivery, and small babies.
  • Tobacco smoke contains- pyridine which causes staining of teeth.
  • Smoking leads to digestive disorders.
  • The Hukka which was banned re entered Indian pubs which have very toxic effects.
  • In spite of that, our young generation is getting fascinated and addicted to it.
  • Through it’s been written on the pack of cigarette that causes cancer in spite of that people neglect it due to ignorance of its hazardous side effects.



  • Sip cold water through straw very slowly which release dopamore the feel good hormone.
  • Eat small meals.
  • Brush your teeth often to make your mouth fresh.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • The movie , library , stores and in public places “ No Smoking” should have made compulsory.
  • Always be focused on quitting the Tobacco and also remember the purpose of quiting.
  • Always try to be busy.
  • Be patient, confident on stay on your track of quiting.
  • Avoid the company of addicted friends and colleagues.
  • Always take the support of your inmates who have been successful in quiting.
  • Friends and family should also have to be supportive.
  • Be alert on negative emotions ie. Stress and strain, anger and frustrations.
  • Do some good and fruitful activities which you like.
  • Keep a check list of feeling good ie. Money saving , tasty food, good smell, feeling more energetic .
  • This is a positive technique used to cut down the usage of tobacco.
  • The tobacco consuming urge is due to craving ie. Why keep something in the mouth such as sugar-free gums , hard candy, and healthy snack.
  • Once you make it through first 2 weeks then for life time you will remain nicotine addiction free.


  • Consultant, psychiatrist

Modern Science  :

De- addiction  specialist and centers.

Ayurveda :

Shirodhara, shiro basti and herbal medicines.

Yogasanas, Pranayama and meditation under good supervision.


  1. Avoid Hot and spicy foods.
  2. Consume light and satvic food, have dry food
  3. Consume 5-10 black currents in the morning  soaked overnight.
  4. Be determined. Think of yourself and your family which will help to leave your addiction.


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