Ramzaan Eid Celebration in Bangalore,special report by Nishat Sait


    *Ramdhan Eid Celebrations in Bangalore*

    Eid ul fitr marks the end of Ramadan, the month of fasting and forgiveness
    Eid is a day of celebration and feasting for Muslims.
    Let me take you through a glimpse of how we celebrate Eid in our house
    The night the moon is sighted we wish everyone and prepare for the big day by applying mehendi, packing gifts and filling envelopes with eidi
    On the morning of Eid we start with a sweet traditional surprise – kheerkorma, a sweet milk dish with vermicelli, pistachios topped with saffron..
    Everyone then leave to offer Eid salah.. đź•Ś

    Special colourful new outfits are worn and everyone gathers fora grand lunch after Zohar. A sweet meet and greet session takes place everyone receives their eidi and gifts, a happiness filled atmosphere is then followed by a grand lunch which is usually biryani and special dessert.

    Side note :
    During Ramadan we prepare a Hyderabadi specialty meat dish called Dhaleem served with fried onions, chilly oil, sliced lemons and fresh mint leaves.
    It is a favourite and loved by all family and friends.Also I am sharing pictures of Eid Day Celebrated with my Family.

    By *Mrs Gulbanu Sajjad*

    News Report by
    Mrs Nishat Sait
    Lifestyle & Event Management Editor; India



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