Saraogi Hospital Mumbai offers Effective treatment for Women with low ovarian reserve.

Saraogi Hospital Mumbai offers Effective treatment for Women with low ovarian reserve.

IVF specialists may have diagnosed low ovarian reserve diminished ovarian reserve as one of the reasons for infertility in women. The reserve of eggs within a woman’s body decreases with advancing age, making conception difficult. Also, it compels her to seek fertility treatments for experiencing motherhood.

Every woman is born with almost six million eggs in her ovaries which decrease as she grows. Also, the chances of getting pregnant naturally reduce by the time she is 25 years old and further. It is possible that women prefer to delay their motherhood experience which results in diminished ovarian reserve along with certain lifestyle factors.

Saraogi Hospital, a leading IVF centre in Mumbai, offers state of the art treatment for women diagnosed with diminished vvarian reserve and assists them in conceiving. Dr Mohit Saraogi, the founder of the Saraogi Hospital, assures, ‘We have successfully treated women diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve.   We begin with ascertaining the main reason for diminished ovarian reserve, and based on the patient’s mental, physical and gynecological health, we suggest suitable options to preserve the remaining eggs or proceed with the fertility process.’

A range of tests such as the anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) accompanied with transvaginal ultrasound and hormone evaluations for follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), and estradiol (a form of estrogen are advised to ascertain the extent of diminishing ovarian reserve. The anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) test is a better indicator of the fertility potential of the patient as it reveals the number of eggs present in the body.

After the diagnosis, Dr Saraogi suggests the best path forward for experiencing motherhood. There are three major treatment approaches for diminishing ovarian reserve patients: fertility preservation, ovarian superovulation, and donor eggs. Fertility preservation is the first and foremost step a woman can take to preserve her eggs. This involves retrieving the eggs from her ovaries and freezing them. It is advisable to proceed with this process at the earliest and store better quality eggs.

Superovulation is another procedure recommended during which the IVF specialist injects hormones for ovulation of multiple eggs. The eggs are collected and used in an IVF cycle or cryopreserved for future use. Cryopreservation is a process in which the harvested eggs are frozen for future use.

Donor Eggs can be considered along with an IVF procedure only if thereis a low ovarian reserve along with low quality eggs. The donor could be her partner’s sperm but sourced from a third party and proceed with the IVF procedure without further delay. Also, the fertilized embryo will be implanted in the patient’s uterus. The child may have the donor’s genes or the partner whose eggs have been utilized while the recipient will carry the pregnancy for the full term.

As one of the leading IVF doctors in Mumbai, Dr Saraogi offers all three treatments for diminishing ovarian reserve at highly affordable rates. Dr Mohit Saraogi is a practising obstetrician, gynecologist and infertility specialist with nearly 13 years of experience.

The Saraogi Hospital in Mumbai has been one of the premier gynecological hospitals with assisted reproduction services for the past thirty-eight years. Also, Dr Saraogi has multiple IVF centres in Mumbai, i.e. in Andheri, Ghatkopar, Mulund and Malad. Each of these centres are well equipped and facilitated under the dynamic leadership of Dr Saraogi and his qualified assistants and team. Patients can also avail the EMI facility offered at 0% interest.


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