Home Health & Fitness The Celestial Alarm 2019 By Astrologer Subrata Banerjee on Hello Mumbai

The Celestial Alarm 2019 By Astrologer Subrata Banerjee on Hello Mumbai

The Celestial Alarm 2019 By Astrologer Subrata Banerjee on Hello Mumbai

The Celestial Alarm 2019 Sri Subrata Banerjee

At present the Jupiter I in Scorpio, the Saturn in Sagittarius , Rahu (dragon head) &, KETU (dragon tail) in cancer and Capricorn, Uranus is in Aries, 28TH March the Jupiter will enter in to Sagittarius, 24TH march rahu & Ketu will enter into Gemini and Sagittarius. The Mars is in Aquarius.

ARIES (Mar 20-April 18) – Happy and harmonious will be maintained, very peaceful period and cash flow will be very good till 28th march .You have good intuitions so be positive in your thoughts. Good year to invest in share market basically FMCG, banking. Possibility of parent’s health related issue. Indication Long tours and abroad tour. June to July seen romantic development, and marriage indication. After July may face litigation issues and property related problems. October onward Ketu and Saturn conjunction may lead hip, bone and thigh related problems.

TAURUS(April 19-May 19) – Average period but family life will be smooth, health related issues. Business improvement and expansion will be there and debts and financial issues may prevail. Good time to overcome your enemy and long awaited court case will be in your favour. Problem in marriage life, expenses will be more than expectations. Focus in your career to shine and explore your talents. Indication of short national tour, don’t stress just be positive in your attitude. July and august prospect for vehicle/property. Overall progress, and unexpected gain after April.

GEMINI (May 20-June 20) – Financial crisis will be over and may face problem in marriage life and temporary separation indicated. Foreign trade will do well, happiness will prevail at home with minor health issues, short trip will bring fruitful results, speculative gain will be more ,stay positive in your work place as indicates promotion, be positive in your thoughts and work hard, good period for business to explore abroad. After june 21 promotion, name and fame will indicates.

CANCER(June 21-July 21) – Don’t be over confident, some major health issues may prevail after 28th march but good for finance, good time for your business to expand further, good time to get married, And long awaited marriage promises. June to August Venus enter into Taurus promises recognition, name fame, overall success in glamour and artist field. Good time for invest in share market and venture. Tension regarding child an spouse. Pilgrimage tour and social function indicates.spend time with your parents.

LEO ( JULY 22- AUG 21) – This is the year for you to excel your power. Good time for political development and success. Enmity will increases from March to May. May suffer abdomen related disease and health June to August. New member will come in family. Extramarital affairs may cause family problem. August to October good to invests in gold and share specially Oil, Cole, Mining, Gold. August to October good time for dancers and film industry. Career growth from 4th June to September 9th. short tour with family will be fruitful.

Virgo (Aug 22-SEP 21) – Your merit will be recognized this year.26th February mercury enter into Pisces and 4th may enter into arise this is crucial period for you, you may dishearten by many fields, but after that your fortune give you lots of chances to excel your power and growth, very auspicious time from 19th May to October, literature people gets awards and recognition. Marriage will promise January to June. June to August brother or close ones health related problems indicate.be aware of your social face value as it may harm overall.

LIBRA (September 22 –October 22) – Your position at business work place grows stronger also your material position and resources increase till July. Promotion, social status will increases. problem in love life and domestic places. Litigation for land and propriety. Disheartened by neighbour and younger brother and sister. Extramarital affair may take place. June / July accident and backache related problem mother’ health may cause problem. Feb/ March and September to November very good success for film artists, musicians and dancers.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov. 20) – A year of fulfillment. Till July the Jupiter will promise your wealth and gain. Minor health problem lower abdomen. Rectum, private part problem will disturbs you. July 28 to Sep. 21 troublesome period for mental tension, enemies being active against you but you will overcome. Long awaited litigation will goes to your favour. So many tours indicate for business and services. Avoid share market July to October. Gain through property .focus clearly on career related issues, your image. Dramatic changes likely in one’s career, opportunity to higher education on foreign land . Medical attention require after 9th august to 24th September to due to Mars stay in leo. But simultaneously that is a good time for career.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 21-Dec 20) – Your sign lord Jupiter is in 12th house till July, and Saturn is in sign, you and your spouse’s health needs attention from January to April. Complete devotion to family life and career be cool and try to avoid arguments with any one. Your image may ruin by close one. Within March to July you may face litigation and jail. After July everything will be good for you, Long tour indicates. This is best time to mediation and devotion. Don’t take risk on share market mainly food and medicine and chemical. Best time for career growth July to September. Transfers possible from February to April.

Capricorn (Dec 21- Jan 19) – This is a promising year for you. Your moments of achievements/recognition come very soon, Avoid rash decision, and guard your reputation. Increased communication, gain to painter and writers is indicated. For land, property February to June is favourable. June and October will create trouble in personal life. Tour, hotel business to start on July on wards. Changes likely to come in career, often disruption due to problems with seniors and colleagues at your work place. July to September Good year for higher study in abroad.

Aquarius( Jan 20 –feb 18) – This is very good year for you. Celestial position helps you to overcome all problems. You will get lot of success in this year. Good year for student, mainly Arts and science. Time will bring opportunity to Singer and Classical dancer. From March to June foreign tour travel and business. Prospective year for new comer in entertainment fields. Aug to oct good to invest in share market basically, OIL, FMCG, Food. Peaceful domestic life.

PISCES(Feb 19 to Mar19) – Most wonderful and eventual years in you life, now Saturn is 10th house and Jupiter is in 9th till July. Good time for all aspect. Long awaited marriage will promise. Foreign tour indicates. But take care about health mainly June , September and October, possibilities of leg injury and accident. Romantic relationship turn into marriage February to may. After July you will see things moving very favourable for you on fronts.good time to move abroad for medical students.

Bollywood and India may incur huge loss of many famous personality within 28th July, 2019.


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