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MedscapeIndia Successfully concludes 6th MedscapeIndia National Awards 2017

MedscapeIndia Successfully concludes 6th MedscapeIndia National Awards 2017

By Aleem Shaikh

MedScapeIndia, an initiative of Aryan Medical and Educational Trust, a non-profit charitable trust working for community welfare since 2006, successfully concluded the prestigious MedscapeIndia National Awards for 6th Consecutive year amongst the glitz and glamor of stars from various fields.

Dr. Sunita Dube the founder of this noble NGO said that “The trust has always worked for various aware ness campaigns including Save the Girl Child, HIV aware ness, preventive medical camps, breast cancer awareness, Doctors Handwriting campaign, Doctors Anthem and Anokhee Pahal campaign for well-being of underprivileged among others and this year the trust is on a mission to create awareness about Fit India and requested people to stay connected, stay strong and help each other understand the goals of Fit India Movement.

The Event witnessed presence of dignitaries like:

Dr. Deepak Sawant (represents The Mumbai Graduate Constituency, member of Maharashtra Legislative Council),

Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani (Co-founder & MD of Hiranandani Group, ranked among top 100 richest Indian’s & Forbes Global Billionaires),

Ms Amruta Fadnavis (Deputy Vice-President – Corporate Head(west India) Axis Bank, Youngest first lady in the history of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis’s wife)

Dr. Sunita Dube founded this organization pursuing a socio-scientific aim.

It is a unique, independent, nonprofit organization that provides platform where presidents from all the medical bodies like oncology, radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology, gynecology etc come together.

About Fit India

Fit India has come up with this noble and effective idea of utilizing technology expertise to reach out to the mass. Development of this App is a starting point to what we would consider an ongoing journey of helping the society learn the art of living fit and healthy.

We wish to seek support and guidance on developing and becoming part of this journey with us where the youth today understands the importance of staying fit and healthy.

This App can serve wonders by providing basic knowledge around how to connect with medical experts leading up to creating a platform which can constantly help others gain better and robust understanding of learning the art of staying fit.


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